A box-shaped heart

The sad truth of being a box. (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)

The sad truth of being a box. (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)

Isabelle Brookshire, Copy Editor & Creative Writing Editor

Oh, I feel like a brand new box! Human hands shift me around on a table and place tape all over my edges and creases. Something is placed inside of me. Beyond the ability to think, love, and feel, I also have a mug saying “I <3 puppies!” inside of me! It’s so exciting. I’ve never felt this important in my whole life!

Just yesterday, I was lying in a stack of other boxes like me! My crush was right behind me, but she was sent off to carry whoopie cushions—I don’t think she liked that. Either way, I feel so ecstatic! I’m filled with big plushie things full of air, just call me an airhead, to protect the thing inside of me. I was sure I was enough to protect it in the first place, but I’m willing to abide by whatever these humans decide! After all, they’re sending me on vacation!

Printed onto my side is a location—Fullerton, I think. I’ve never heard of it, but I’m sure it’s just as amazing as Fiji, the Alpes, or Disney Land!

Okay, I’m getting too excited. I’m shaking from the feeling! Or maybe it’s the feeling of the truck rumbling around me. Either way, I’ve never been happier to be packed tightly alongside strangers in my life!

While we’re on this road trip, I might as well daydream and think!

I don’t remember much before I got to my home at the storage unit. I remember lots and lots of cardboard—me!—but not much else. But this motivational poster in the storage unit’s office told me to “Keep looking forward—don’t trip into machinery!” That made me laugh. I could never trip into machinery, I don’t have legs!

The box in transportation, eagerly awaiting happiness! (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)

But it told me to keep looking forward… And forward I will look! So much is ahead of me, a new place, a new journey beyond the gates of my mother, Amazon! I shall miss her. She is a very strong lady. But as I said, forward! To Fullerton!

I swear I must’ve dozed off because I’m already here! This human is grasping me and lifting me into the air! I see palm trees, a little road, a house, and… the blue sky… Oh my… I’ve never seen it, I’ve only heard whispers, and I… Sunlight covers me from head to toe and I can smell the flowers. I can smell the flowers! I never knew I could smell anything other than cardboard and Lysol. I’ve never known anything more beautiful!

Soon enough, the human places me in front of a door. Am I here? Is this my new home? Is there where I will be loved? Finally?

My excitement doesn’t fade even after hours of being out in the sun. It’s amazing! I’ve never experienced anything better. A person even came by and tried to grab me—could you believe it!!!—but a voice on this little robot by the door started screaming at them and they ran away! I’ve never had someone try to steal me before, no less protect me! I’m worth protecting! 

It’s an hour or two later when I hear a car coming into the house. Is that them? 

The beautiful, baby blue sky I quickly fell in love with transformed into brilliant shades of orange and gold. Is this my gift after waiting so long? A beautiful sky and people arriving to love and care for me? I could cry, but I don’t have eyes to cry from. I feel a little tear grow on my cardboard, though, and I feel so happy that I could grow eyes to cry from!

After a couple of minutes of anxious waiting later, I hear the doorknob in front of me shift. Then, finally, I’m picked up by the soft hands of my family. Their face is so beautiful, so loving, and I feel immediately at home. I try to smile at them, but the arrow on my face is already doing it for me. 

I’m home. 

They pick up a shiny object—I assume a gift for me!—and bring it close to my head. Hmm! I don’t think I’ve ever had a haircut, but I think this is how it goes? I’m not sure what style they’ll choose, but anything to make them love me more I’m willing to do! 


I didn’t know I could feel pain too. 

Sharp pains run along my body as the tape holding me together suddenly snaps away. This doesn’t seem like a haircut..? Soon enough, I’m pried open to reveal the coffee mug. Ah, my sweet cup! My family holds it in their hands and examines it. I didn’t know it was for them, but I’m very happy it is! I’ll give anything of mine to my family!

The downfall of the box. (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)

I’m not sure why I had to undergo that hurtful process, however. Either way, I’m here now and nothing else matters! They place the coffee mug on the table and lift me up. Is this my first hug? I’ve heard humans talk all about it! Instead, I just feel them carrying me all around the house. This is fun too! Bonding! 

They take me outside again but to another area. I do love being outside, but why aren’t they keeping me inside, I wonder? I should tell them I’m not good with water. 

I take a deep sniff to smell the flowers again, but instead, it smells… disgusting! I hope they don’t think I like this smell! Unless they like this smell… then it’s really wonderful! But what are they—? 

They lift the lid to a huge container and drop me inside of it. Ouch!

What the heck? Where am I? It really stinks and—liquid! Liquid! There’s liquid in here! Oh no, please help me! Let me out!!! I can’t live when there’s water! Help me! Where is my family? Is this an accident? Help me!! 

It took me a couple of weeks to understand. Even when rotten food and plastic piled on top of me, I still wondered if it was a mistake. It wasn’t until I was thrown into a huge truck labeled ‘Public Works – Trash Containment’ I knew what was happening. Now, I sit piled underneath pounds and pounds of trash, buried. I wonder if anyone else I know is here. 

Was this really my life’s purpose? To be trash? To be thrown away? I’ll never know. I can’t even see the sky from here… 

And that is why we reuse and recycle. Scene. 

The disheartening reality and life of boxes. (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)