The Sound of Music: the newbies

The advertising picture for The Sound of Music put on by the actors of Trinitas.

(Photo Credit: Trinitas Arts Conservatory)

The advertising picture for “The Sound of Music” put on by the actors of Trinitas.

Mandy Puga, Staff Writer

“The Sound of Music” put on by Trinitas Arts Conservatory is in less than a month!

For most of these actors, this could be their second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth show with Trinitas. For the seniors, this will be their last show.

But for four actors in this show, this will be their first. I interviewed these talented actors to ask them about their experiences.

Donnie Sarabia ’24, who earned his first role as a main character, stated, “I enjoy performing in ‘The Sound of Music’ because of how welcoming and kind the people were since I started. I am so glad I auditioned to be in this show because of its welcoming community and how dedicated we are to the show.

Sophomore Siena Lopez stated, “Its a lot of fun getting be on stage. I love how many new friends I’ve made, and theatre gives me a chance to get stressful stuff of my mind. It’s a fun escape from my school life.”

Ashly Hawley ’25, previously on tech for ISWAD, said, “I am excited to be in ‘The Sound of Music’ because the people here are so nice and fun to be around. I have always loved singing and acting since I was a little kid.”

Destiny Pope ’25, a close friend of Ashly’s, stated, “I am thrilled to be a part of “The Sound of Music.” This has been a childhood play I have always loved. I love everyone here!”

Clearly all of these actors love Trinitas and the community of people they are surrounded by. Make sure to buy your tickets at soon!