Rosary and Servite sophomore mass

The Rosary and Servite sophomores gathered together in Mass at St. Juliana church.

(Photo Provided by @rosaryroyals on Instagram)

The Rosary and Servite sophomores gathered together in Mass at St. Juliana church.

Mandy Puga, Staff Writer

This past Monday, the Rosary and Servite sophomores came together to have Mass and a social lunch. These brother-sister sophomores haven’t had many times to get together and socialize due to COVID, so it was a good way to meet each other.

During Mass, the St. Juliana church was split in half. One half for the Servite students and the other for the Rosary students.

After the Mass led by Father Mike, the students were given a lunch of pizza and refreshments with cookies for dessert.

I got the opportunity to interview some Rosary sophomores to see what they thought of this event.

Riley Martinez ’24 stated, “I really liked the Mass and how Father Mike taught us life lessons throughout it. I also thought the St. Juliana church was very pretty. It was nice to socialize with the guys, and I also met up with a couple friends from theater.”

Sophomore Sophia Long revealed, “I enjoyed spending time with the Servite guys and being able to go to Mass. The homily was my favorite part of the Mass. It was refreshing to see both sophomore classes mix since we haven’t gotten a lot of opportunities to do so.”

Alyssa Ramirez ’24 shared, “I had a great time eating lunch and playing card games with both Rosary classmates and Servite. We were able to bond as a brother-sister school which we haven’t done in a while.”

Although I did reach out to some of the sophomores at Servite, I didn’t receive their responses in time, but I’m sure they enjoyed their day.

Hopefully, Rosary and Servite will come up with more fun and upcoming social events for the sophomores.