Rosary’s first beach volleyball team


(Photo Provided by Rosary Academy Instagram)

An action shot of the first serve of the game.

Emma Oskorus, Staff Writer

This school year, Rosary announced that they added another sports team—beach volleyball. This is an exciting opportunity for girls to come out and try something new, or if they already have experience with it, show off their amazing skills. Their first game was on Thursday, March 2 was against Estancia.

Sarah Ybarra ’23 shares, “The team looks promising considering that no one has had any experience playing. Everyone did very well, and beach volleyball is a lot different from indoor, but I have used my indoor experience to help girls on the sand. I had nervous jitters to start since I’ve only ever played in a tournaments with a club teammate, so I was nervous to play with girls I had never played with before.”

Although the girls did not receive the outcome they may have wanted, it was definitely a learning experience. With the majority of the roster being freshmen, a few sophomores, and only one junior, the team must work together in order to have a successful season.

Lea Monroy ’24 shares, “I have never played beach volleyball before, but I was so excited to be able to participate in the sport this year. I know throughout the season we will only make progress, and I cannot wait to finish the rest of the season.”

Athletic Director, Tom Tice, shares, “Especially in California, it is exciting to have beach volleyball as an official CIF sport. We have a great program so it’s great to see those athletes able to try something slightly different.”

The next game is on Friday, March 4th, against Tarbut V’ Torah at 3:00 p.m. at Fullerton College. Come out and support.