The Tale of Three Cats

Michelle Derederian, Baylee Coble, and Lauren Guiterrez

Here at Rosary Academy, we not only care about our students, but also our pets. Every so often, we will share the lives of our beloved furry friends in a new feature called “Pet Stories.”

In the hills of Anaheim lives a purebred Persian feline named Dexter. He spends his spare time lounging around on his furry bed, hanging wdextarith his brother, and day dreaming over his crush Charlotte. In the past, Dexter experienced many hardships in his life – starting with him being torn away from his mother. Later, Dexter was introduced to his long lost sibling, Tobi. Presently, Dexter suffers from depression but copes with it by taking anti-depressants. Even though he endures many hardships, he still remains a loving cat – devoted to his lover Charlotte.

Unfortunately, beautiful blue-eyed Charlotte is in love with a cool black cat named Shaquille Oa��Neal, who spends his free time scoping out young female cats in Whittier. All the girl cats gawk over him, especially Charlotte. However, Shaquille Oa��Neal has shaqno particular interest in her. He doesn’t have a problem with Charlotte, but his best friend Dexter really likes her, and doesn’t want to cross the line with his homie. Although Shaq enjoys the felines, he also spends his time watching working at a factory as head watcher over the fork lifts Monday-Wednesday. After a long day at work, he comes home and has dinner and goes to sleep on the edge of his mother’s bed.

Unfortunately, Charlotte lives with the fact that Shaq will never be interested in her; now, she spends her time binge eating kibbles, charlotte 2 sleeping for long hours, and cooping up in the corner hissing at anyone who is not as cool as him.