Rosary Cheer Team brings in another win


Photo Provided by Jade Sandoval '22

The cheer team screams with joy in honor of their two big wins.

Daniela Arias, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

The Rosary Cheer Team DOES NOT disappoint. Barely a week from their first CIF win, the cheer team brought in another win at the USA Nationals this past Friday and Saturday.

After their monumental first time win in the non-tumbling division, the crowned Southern Regional Champions and the rest of the Rosary community were beyond proud of their second consecutive win at the USA Nationals which took place at the Anaheim Convention Center.

I caught up with cheer captain Jade Sandoval ’22 regarding the consecutive win accomplishment: “Winning CIF and Nationals was one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt in my life. Hearing Rosary Academy being called CIF and National champions was worth all the sweat, injuries, and tears we experienced at our practices. This team has worked extremely hard, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the season.”

As captain, Jade was able to see and experience the preparation it took the team that led them to their eventual wins: “We started off the year last May and ever since then we have had practice two to three times a week. We started off with half of the team not knowing how to stunt, but as the season went on our coach was able to teach the girls the basic technique for stunting, and they ended up being great additions to the team. Everyone gave 100% at each practice and as their captain, that’s all I can really ask of them.”

Aside from reflecting on the teams accomplishment, Jade also revealed what she believes the team can improve on for next season: “The only thing I think the team can improve on is having more confidence in themselves at competitions. We hit back-to-back routines at every practice, but at some competitions the girls let the nerves get the best of themselves and don’t do as well as they usually do. If they trust in themselves and their teammates more, I think they can have an even better season next year. ”

Claire and her fellow teammates strike a pose in front of their USA Nationals trophy. (Photo Provided by Claire Heidelman ’24)

Junior Victoria “Tori” Gomez also shared Jade’s enthusiasm towards the big win: “Winning CIF and USA Nationals has been such a blessing. I do have to admit, waiting for awards to start can get very nerve racking. As the host called 6th, 7th, all the way to 3rd and announced the top two teams, I felt butterflies in my stomach. When I heard ROSARY ACADEMY announced as 1st Place National Champions, I could not hold in my excitement. Winning these two big titles will definitely be a memory and feeling I will never forget!”

While also feeling the joy from the two big wins, Claire Heidelman ’24 discussed the obstacles endured leading up to the wins: “We struggle with a lot of mental blocks. It’s hard because you have been doing these skills for six months and then all of the sudden you just can’t. It’s especially difficult when the stunts won’t hit and causes people to get upset and frustrated. We also had a lot of injuries, but we overcame every challenge that was put in front of us. Our amazing coaches would not let the mental blocks hold us back, and they always did everything in their power to help us succeed.”

Congratulations to the Rosary Cheer Team! What next cheer season holds is unknown, but one thing that’s for sure is that the cheer team really knows how to go out with a bang!