Rosary cheer team wins CIF


(Photo Provided by Jade Sandoval '22)

The entire cheer team was filled with smiles after being awarded CIF champs in their division.

Emma Oskorus, Staff Writer

This past Saturday at Downey High School, the Rosary cheer team was recognized as Southern Regional Champions in CIF for this 2021-2022 season. For the very first time, the cheer team won in the game day non-tumbling division.

This was a huge accomplishment not only for the entire team, especially the seniors. Jade Sandoval ’22, captain of the cheer team, shared, “Winning CIF was one of the best moments for my high school experience. The team and I have worked extremely hard for this moment and we hit the best routine of the whole season. It was a great way to end my senior year.”

The cheer team has been practicing and perfecting their game day routine since the beginning of the school year. There may have been ups and downs due to injuries, stunt trouble, and more, but the girls were able to pull through.

All the freshmen were so excited to be on a winning team. From being terrified at tryouts during the summer, to making new friendships throughout the school year, and going home as champions, the freshmen were ecstatic. Alyssa McCreary ’25 shared, “I felt so accomplished to be part of the first freshman class to win CIF. I am so proud of myself and the rest of the team for making a mark on Rosary cheer.”

With the majority of the team being sophomores, these girls were able to pull together to help with the performance. They were especially excited that they hit every single one of their stunts. Claire Heidelman ’24 commented, “From having a shoulder injury throughout the season and having to be a strong backspot for one of the stunts, this season has been somewhat hard for me. There were times where I was in so much pain, but I knew the team needed me and I worked through it. In the end, it was all worth it.”

Tori Gomez ’23, the only junior on the team, worked so hard to help become a leader of the team as an upperclasswoman. Tori shared, “Being the only junior on the team has allowed me to bond with other girls who I wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to get to know.”

Co-captain Kaylee Valente ’22 shared her experience from being on the team since freshman year till now: “Winning CIF was the most rewarding experience and was the perfect way to end my senior year of cheer.”

Although the team was just awarded CIF champions in their division, they are still practicing for their competition on Friday, February 25th at 6:30 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

All five seniors posed with their medals and CIF plaque. (Photo Provided by Jade Sandoval ’22)
Captain, Jade Sandoval ’22, and co-captain, Kaylee Valente ’22, snap a picture together ecstatic to close off their senior season with a win. (Photo Provided by Jade Sandoval ’22)