“The Sound of Music” around Orange County

Katie Thomas

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Here you can catch a glimpse of the hills in Serrano Park. (Photo Credit: Matt Ellersick)

Trinitas Arts Conservatory’s production of “The Sound of Music” is in full swing! To get you in the spirit for our once-in-a-lifetime show, I have taken it upon myself to find some of the best places in Orange County to put you in the mood for the show. Enjoy!

  1. Serrano Park

This park (located in Anaheim Hills) is the perfect spot to live out your Julie-Andrews-classic-opening-sequence-spin-in-the-hills dream. On one side, you’re surrounded by the tops of hills. On the other side is an open grassy field with a clear view of the sky. On any given day, you may find me in the middle of the field spinning around after a star comes out to tell me it’s time to go.

Enjoy this glimpse at the sunset at the perfect location in Irvine Regional Park. (Photo Provided by Katie Thomas)
  1. 33.79155° N, 117.75049° W

Ok, I know that following a set of coordinates sounds very cryptic. However, this may easily be one of (if not the absolute) best spots to bask in the glory of some hills. This is a spot at the top of a hiking trail in Irvine Regional Park, and I’ve enjoyed the beauty of many a sunset from this location. Trust me, it’s worth having to climb every mountain.

Here’s the fountain in the Orange Circle that’s perfect for trotting around to the tune of “Do-Re-Mi.” While you’re here, be sure to check out Tiddlywinks Toy Store. (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)
  1. The Orange Circle

For all of the fans of “The Sound of Music” in movie form, take a trip to the Orange Circle. There’s a perfect path around the fountain in the center of the circle to live out all of your “Do-Re-Mi” dreams.

  1. Tiddlywinks

While you’re out walking around Old Towne Orange, stop by Tiddlywinks to channel your inner goatherd. They’ve got plenty of puppets and other trinkets to give you a glimpse into the joy of the young Von Trapp children.

Pictured is the main altar of the beautiful St. Michael’s Abbey. (Photo Provided by @st.michaelsabbey on Instagram)
  1. St. Michael’s Abbey

If you’re searching for a more divine form of preparation for this holy musical, take a trip down to St. Michael’s Abbey in Silverado. Senior Elena Walz expressed, “every time I’m stressed I think about the abbey. Whether it’s for Solemn Mass or Holy Hour, it’s the perfect spiritual escape from school or whatever other activities are distracting me from God.” It’s evidently the perfect place to live out Maria’s motto of finding out what the will of God is and doing it.

I can’t wait to explore even more places as the months go on to get in the brain space of these fantastic characters. Stay tuned for more updates on Trinitas’ process and on our exploration of Orange County!