Basketball team soars through the season


The team eagerly awaits Mr. Yoon’s coaching advice. (Photo Provided by Tony Mercado)

Kathleen Martinez, Staff Writer

The Rosary Basketball Team started off the season strong and continues to win more and more games. This past Saturday, the varsity team won with a score of 60-58 on against Windward High School.

When asked about her experience on the team, varsity player Allison Clarke ’24 said, “I am very proud of our team and how far we have come from the start of the season. Each player contributed to the team through their specific role, which has led to the successes we have accomplished so far.”

Everyone in the crowd waits to see if Ava Dominguez ’23 will score. (Photo Provided by Tony Mercado)

After being asked about her favorite memories, Allison said, “Our win against Mater Dei was a huge achievement for the team and one of the main goals that we have had from the start of the season. We will continue to get better and grow as a team as our tough playoff schedule carries on.”

Taylor Gomez ’23 said, “We prepare for a game the day before. We go through the other team’s plays and tendencies and we figure out a plan for them. We also do specific drills to get a better understanding of what the other team does and how we should defend it.”

Kaylani Barker ’22 said, “Because of playoffs, I think we are working better as a team. The hardest challenge I faced was the Mater Dei team. They are very intimidating, but in the end, I pulled through.”

All the athletes have been training to do their very best this season. The whole team and the coaches support each other. They would appreciate it if the Rosary community came to support and cheer them on in future games. The Rosary Basketball Team’s next game will be on Mar. 1, and the place and time will be announced at a later date.