Worst movie remakes of all time

Pick a side, any side. But choose wisely, because
 I WILL judge you if you pick the wrong side.

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Pick a side, any side. But choose wisely, because I WILL judge you if you pick the wrong side.

Daniela Arias, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Look, you just can’t beat the classics, so DON’T TRY. By “classics” I’m referring to original movies. The movies that we love like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” “She’s All That,” “The Mummy,” and more have ALL been tarnished by their inferior remakes.

In dedication to the remakes which felt like a punch in the gut to their original counterparts, I have crafted a list of the most horrendous movie remakes to ever grace the big screens.


  1. “He’s All That”

Objectively, this is a bad movie compared to the original “She’s All That,” BUT I think it’s so bad it’s good. With TikToker Addison Rae as its leading lady and the dreamy Tanner Buchanan as the front man, I knew, automatically, that I had to watch this movie. And lets just say, it was hilariously terrible.

Watch this terribly guilty pleasure of a movie on Netflix


  1. “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul”

The infamous “Not my Rodrick” meme originated from this movie…need I say more? And don’t get me started, I know, this is not a remake, BUT this sequel or prequel or whatever it’s considered is so distasteful that I have to put it in here. Where’s my loveable OG dork Greg Heffley? GONE. Where’s the OG stud of a punk rocker that is Rodrick Heffley? GONE. Everyone’s gone. Everything has sunk into the dark abyss that we call the standalone sequel to the 2012 “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.” Oh…the misery…

I was going to tell you where to watch this, but I have to spare you from this atrocity. But… you can watch all the OG “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” franchise on Disney+!


  1. “The Mummy”

In all honesty, I have not watched this movie remake, but I DON’T CARE TO SEE 50 SOMETHING TOM CRUISE TAKE THE PLACE OF BRENDAN FRASER. Brendan Fraser is king. He is love. He is life. And under NO circumstances should any franchise have the audacity to make a remake and replace him specifically.

If for any reason you are a Brendan Fraser hater, and you want to see an elderly Cruise attempting play a 30 something character, you can watch “The Mummy” on Amazon Prime Video for $3.99! Or…you can watch the OG “The Mummy” on HBO Max for FREE (if you have a membership).


  1. “Cinderella” *The Camilla Cabello version*

Hasn’t there already been about three billion “Cinderella” remakes??? Let’s stop. Lets just accept that it’s the end of an era. Also, the songs in it are a little bit rando… How are we going to let these people get away with putting Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” and Madonna’s “Material Girl” in a “CINDERELLA” MOVIE!

Watch this train wreck on Amazon Prime Video for free (if you have a membership).


  1. “Dear Evan Hansen”

I was personally asked to put this on the list. I know, I know, it’s a movie adaptation of a Broadway musical. But for the sake of this article, lets just pretend it’s a movie remake. Although I have gotten the privilege of NOT seeing this movie, I’ll let its 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes speak for itself…

Watch this let down of an adaptation on YouTube or Amazon Prime Video for a whopping $5.99. Or…just don’t. I would go with the latter option.


Although I was kind enough to put where to watch all these APPALLING remakes, I suggest just watching the originals. Don’t waste an hour and 56 minutes of your life on a substandard remake unless that remake is “He’s All That” and you’ve got a decent sense of humor. In that case, waste as much time as you want on that horribly wonderful movie. Feel free to comment other remakes that are absolutely awful!