My first Comedy Sportz match


(Photo Provided By Abby Wright)

Mr. Priest throwing a comedic punch at Bella Dascanio ’22.

Mandy Puga, Staff Writer

On Friday, Feb. 12, I went to go see my first Comedy Sportz match. I had nothing planned that Friday night and was looking for something fun to do, when my good friend Izzy Delgado ’24, invited me to go see a  Comedy Sportz match with her.


For those of you who don’t know, Comedy Sportz is Trinitas Arts Conservatory’s improv team. Usually, they have matches on Fridays between a blue and red team. They compete for comedic domination against other school’s Sportz teams.


As the show began, Izzy and I sat in a row of sophomores, who are in theatre. This match was extra special because it was a teacher vs. students match.


We laughed hysterically at every single game. Everyone’s improv skills were amazing. I was so surprised at how well each team could make up something funny and just roll with it.


I could hear all the seniors and juniors who were in front of us, cheering on the players at the top of their lungs. I’ve never seen anything like it.


To add to this crazy experience, one of the stage lights stopped working. While the audience was waiting for it to turn back on, my row started humming the tune of Jeopardy which eventually caused more people to join in. The comedic timing was perfect.


After the match, I interviewed a few friends to get their take on how the show went.


Izzy, who is a recurring audience member, stated “I’ve been to so many Comedy Sportz games ever since my brother, Adrian Delgado ’21, started his sophomore year. It was fun to see them switch it up with the teachers from Servite. I’ve never met Mr. Priest, but I loved him so much in the show.”


Shelby Devoy ’24 said, “It was really funny, and I loved the creativity of the players. My favorite part was Brooke’s story about the time her ‘family’ went to Chuck E. Cheese. It was a fun night out with my friends.”


Abby Wright ’24 stated, “I honestly did not expect it to be as entertaining as it is. I’m not a sporty person, and the word “sport” was in the name. I was thinking ‘oh great, I get to watch sports,’ and imagined a basketball game or something. But I was pleasantly surprised, and I had so much fun!”


Comedy Sportz team member Katriel Cenabre, ’23 said, “I thought that the match went really well! The audience was very reactive, and the teachers were quite the formidable opponents. I’m looking forward to the Red and Gold Comedy Sportz match!”


Next week on Feb. 25, Comedy Sportz is having another match for Red and Gold points! Go see the next game not only to have a fun night full of laughter but to earn points for your team.