Alumna spotlight: Evelyn Schmitt

Colleen Schmitt, Staff Writer

Evelyn Schmitt graduated Rosary Academy in 2019 and is now attending college in Colorado. Evelyn went to Rosary all four years of high school and was involved in the basketball and lacrosse teams. The Royal Reporter interviewed her to see what she’s been up to since graduating.


Q: What college are you currently attending , where is it, and what are you majoring in?

A: I am currently attending Regis University in Denver, Colorado. I am majoring in Criminal Justice.

Q: What activities are you currently doing outside of school?

A:I have a part time job and I am taking flight lessons.

Q: Are you working while attending classes and how is that going?

A: Yes, I am working part time. Sometimes it is difficult to manage time, but it is what I have to do.

Q: What are you looking forward to doing after college?

A: After college I am looking forward to following my dreams of becoming a pilot and being able to travel.

Q: What has been your favorite memory of college so far?

A: My favorite memory of college so far is meeting my best friends and being able to live with them.

Q: What was your favorite memory at Rosary or what do you miss the most?

A: My favorite memory at Rosary was being part of the basketball and lacrosse teams. I will always remember the bonds I built with those girls.

Q: If you could tell your high school self one thing, what would you say?

A: If I could tell my high school self one thing I would say even though you are struggling now, keep pushing because it will all be worth it.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone currently at Rosary?

A: Some advice I would tell a current Rosary student is to make sure you do what YOU want to do. Don’t let other people influence your happiness.


Evelyn Schmitt is enjoying her time in college and is making life long friendships. She loved her time at Rosary and values those memories.

This is the plane Evelyn Schmitt is taking her flight lessons in. (Photo Provided by Evelyn Schmitt)
Evelyn Schmitt with some friends at college that she has gotten close with. (Photo Provided by Evelyn Schmitt)