Embarrassing love stories


Angelina Sances and Marisol Reza- Nebla show their disgusted expressions towards the boys. (Photo Credit: Kathleen Martinez.)

Kathleen Martinez, Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day passing, a lot of love stories tend to be overlooked. Many people win over hearts, while others… don’t. In honor of the “tragic” love stories which are never heard, here are some of Rosary’s own embarrassing moments.

Brianna Guzman ’23:

“A while ago, I got asked out on a date. When he showed up at my house, I slammed the door in his face. I’ll never forget how horrified he looked. In my defense, I just wasn’t ready to see him at that moment.”

Marisol Reza-Niebla ’25:

“A guy asked me on a date, but he ended up cancelling the same day. He told me that he had baseball practice. Later, I found out that he went out with his friends instead.”

Angelina Sances ’23:

“When I was in eighth grade, a guy in my class had a crush on me. He decided to show his affection in a cringey love letter. He shoved the letter in my backpack on the last day of school; then he moved to France two days later.”

Elizabeth Martinez ’22

“I got to hang out with my childhood Disney crush Isaak Presley from ‘Stuck in the Middle’ and ‘Fuller House.’ He started to play the guitar and freestyle rap. It was very uncomfortable because he wasn’t the best at rapping. He was a disappointment to my childhood self.”

Elizabeth smiles after hearing the weird freestyle. (Photo Provided by Elizabeth Martinez)

Hopefully, you learned what to do or what to avoid the next time you are with a love interest. Also, the next time something embarrassing happens to you, know that embarrassing things happen to everyone all the time.