Rosary celebrity crushes

Harry putting in heart and soul into his concerts for his fans.

Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Common License

Harry putting in heart and soul into his concerts for his fans.

Mandy Puga, Staff Writer

Ahh Valentine’s day. Rosary couples are…oh wait, we already did that?

Hmm, I know!

Here are some perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas…

Shoot…We already did that too.

Let’s be honest. Valentine’s Day can be a hard day for those who currently do not have a significant other. But, you know what we do have?

Celebrity crushes.

Rosary Academy students are known to have the best celebrity crushes. You cannot walk the halls without hearing the name “Harry Styles” at least twice.

Celebrity crushes are even incorporated into Red and Gold décor! So in honor of Valentine’s Day, I interviewed some very passionate Royals about their celebrity crushes.

Lianna Enright ’24, a huge Harry Styles fan, said, “Harry Styles is my celebrity crush because not only does he have a really good personality, but he’s also REALLY cute. He’s so nice to everyone and has amazing music. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but he’s REALLY cute. I even have a poster of him in my room.”

Harry Styles has been the topic of many conversations heard around Rosary campus. The Gold team especially loves him for his song, “Golden.”

Heath boldly looks off into the distance in the movie “Ten Things I Hate About You.” (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Common License)

Speaking of curly-haired beauties, along with Harry Styles, up next is Heath Ledger.

Skylar Cooper ’22 states, “I love Heath Ledger. He’s the iconic bad-boy turned good. I love him in ‘Ten Things I hate About You’.”

Heath’s character is a man of many personalities. You know another actor who has played multiple characters? Tom Holland.

Tom Holland wearing the iconic Spider-Man suit in the movie “No Way Home.” (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Common License)

Lauren Cottrell ’22 said, “I think is Tom Holland is amazing. He’s a great actor with great hair. What more can you ask for? I’m excited to see him in ‘Uncharted.’ He’s so funny and British. Ugh, you got to love him.”

Tom Holland has had the honor of playing many charming roles, one being Spider-Man. Our next celebrity crush also happens to have taken on the role of this MCU hero.

Andrew Garfield staring into the camera during a red carpet event. (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Common License)




Senior Kimberly Gallo states, ” I honestly think Andrew Garfield is the best man Spider-Man and simply one of the best men out there. His personality and looks are all a girl can ever want.”

Remember Royals, you can always reach for the stars, but your love can never reach these stars…Comment your favorite celebrity crush down below!