The little things in life

Skylar Cooper 22 and Chelsea Bartilad 22 laughing with eachother during their time in journalism.

Photo provided by Mandy Puga

Skylar Cooper ’22 and Chelsea Bartilad ’22 laughing with eachother during their time in journalism.

Mandy Puga, Staff Writer

That first sip of your favorite drink.

That first bite into your favorite lunch.

The moment everyone couldn’t stop laughing in class for whatever reason.

That one day the weather was just perfect, not freezing cold, not boiling California hot, just right.

The feeling of waking up and knowing you can go back to sleep.

That moment when your favorite song comes on the radio.

The happy moments in your day, whether it be something your friend or even teacher did to make you smile.


“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault.


Not to be cliché, but these examples are all little moments in life that we take for granted.


We all have things we personally struggle with. It can be the extreme amount of stress due to schoolwork. It can be losing someone close to you. Or it can be your home life too. We all have something that we are dealing with.


This is why it is so important to appreciate the little things in life. To keep us going. To keep us moving forward. Recalling little moments of joy can help with the things that we are going through.


You know those times when a friend goes, “Remember that one time…!” Those moments are the ones we should cherish. Focusing on the little things is your motivation to keep living life to the fullest.


If you’re a student, before walking onto campus, think about what you could look forward to. For some, this might be hard, but just try.


Think about what makes you happy. At Rosary, there are so many things to look forward to. We are so focused on seeing the bad parts, and we ignore all the good times.


Coming to school and seeing your friends, doing your extracurricular activities, going to your favorite class, or RED AND GOLD for crying out loud are all things we should look forward to.


Don’t take this time for granted. There are only four years in high school, and there’s no redo button.


My goal for this article is to get one, just one, more person to say, “I remember doing that in high school. It was so much fun.” Instead of saying, “I regret not doing that in high school.” This is something I can guarantee everyone benefits from.


I overhear way too many people down the hall during passing period talking about everything they hate or are upset about. High school is hard. Boy, do I know it. But I want to make my experience during the time I’m here a little happier by focusing on all the good moments instead of the bad.


So to whoever reads this, when you’re feeling down, think of the little moments in life that make you happy.


A BLT sandwich and tomato soup is one of my favorite lunches. (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Common License)
A group picture of my friends from theatre during tech week for the winter show. (Photo provided by Trinity Delacruz.)