Cupid told me to tell you NOT to get these Valentine’s Day gifts

Daniela Arias, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Ah, love is in the air, and inflation is sky high too! February the 14th (aka Valentine’s Day!) is right around the corner. With the lovers’ holiday being no more than a few days away, you may be fretting on what to get that special someone.


If you’re anything like me, you probably have unusually high standards, ESPECIALLY with things regarding L-O-V-E. Everyone is always talking about what you SHOULD get your significant other, but what about the things that you should NOT get your SO for Valentine’s Day?! With my high standards in mind, I’m going to compile a list for you of everything you should NOT get for your significant other this Valentine’s Day.


  1. Stuffed Animals

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a household where my mother specifically PROHIBITED the “dust collectors” we call stuffed animals, but I think this is an objectively lousy, low effort gift. Aw, a bear that is holding a heart that says “I love you” in janky font. NO. Chances are, it’ll be a somewhat cute gift at the time, but I guarantee this teddy bear, or frog, or dog, or whatever this stuffed animal may be will be lying in the landfill a year later.


You’re starting to notice the janky font too, right? (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)
  1. Store Bought Chocolates

You see that Russell Stover chocolate box that is in the shape of a pink, iridescent heart, and you just can’t avoid the fact that it practically has your SO’s name written all over it. RESIST THE TEMPTATION. If you thought the bear was a run of the mill gift, these chocolates are the Gods reigning over all low effort gifts. I will say, if the chocolate is Godiva or something a little more fancy, if you know what I mean, have them as a part of your gift by all means. Key words are “a part,” not your ENTIRE gift.


  1. Gift Cards

Gift cards are for birthdays, they’re for teachers, they’re for those people who invite you to their party, but you don’t really know them, so you buy them a gift card. BUT they’re certainly not for someone who you like enough to have them take on the title of your boyfriend, girlfriend, or anything in between. If you really know someone enough to enter a relationship with them, you should be able to get or craft actual items which have some sort of sentimental value.


  1. Heart-Shaped Necklaces

Jewelry is a big YES for Valentine’s Day, but heart-shaped jewelry is a big NO. To put it plain and simply, it’s tacky. But, if done right, it’s cute. But for the most part, it’s tacky.

I’m sorry but…this is VILE. (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)


  1. Packs of Candy

I will admit, I am guilty of partaking in giving this oh so bland gift. It’s easy to just give your significant other a card and their favorite candy(ies) for the holiday, BUT, as I said about the chocolates—RESIST THE TEMPTATION. Candies alone do not suffice, but a basket with other items AND candy will do.


Although I will not be partaking in the Valentine’s gift giving madness, I will gladly partake in imploring you to NOT buy these gifts! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!