Alum spotlight: Tara goes Kappa!


Tara went Kappa! (Photo Provided by Tara Fishman)

Daly Holman

TikTok legend, past Red and Gold Producer, and the newest member of the Kappa crew at Baylor, you know her and you love her, Tara Fishman ‘21.

For those of you who do not know (which I am sure is no one), Tara Fishman is a fresh graduate of the Academy; she just finished her senior year in May of 2021. Since then, she has moved away to Waco, Texas to attend Baylor University.

The Fishman family. (Photo Provided by Tara Fishman)

Over the past year, Tara has received lots of attention on the popular social media app, TikTok. She covers every part of popular content, producing entertaining “what I eat in a day,” “outfit of the day,” and humor videos.

Although Tara might show up on your “for you page” or appear on your Instagram feed on the daily, a lot of fun goes on behind the scenes. To get an inside look into the star’s life and learn more about her, I asked Tara a series of questions about herself.

Tara smiling big on the Baylor football field after a big win! (Photo Provided by Tara Fishman)

Q: When did you start to blow up on TikTok, and what video really got you famous?

A (Tara): My first video that really blew up on the app was posted in the spring of 2020, and it was a funny video compilation of my dad. It wasn’t until the end of 2020 that I decided to post videos of what I ate in a day, which got me a lot more views and followers. Then, I posted a video showing the prom dresses that I tried on for Rosary’s prom that got one million views. I didn’t really feel different until I started getting recognized from TikTok at Baylor.”

Q: What is your favorite content to make?

A (Tara): My favorite content to make is always content I enjoy watching others make, which is why I started filming “what I eat in a day” videos as well as little vlogs of my life. It is really important for me to make realistic videos about what I eat so that I can tell other girls to eat a lot of food and practice eating intuitively to fuel their bodies. I wanted to start making these videos because I saw a lot of unrealistic videos that did not show a realistic amount of food for an active teenage girl.

Tara holding up a Sic em. (Photo Provided by Tara Fishman)

Q: How does it feel to do brand deals? Do you feel really professional?

A (Tara): My first paid brand deal was with a brand called Clio. It is so much fun to get packages in the mail with new snacks to try; I have never gotten something I don’t like. Since I am a college student, free food is always fun. Brand deals can get a little bit stressful because there are always contracts and a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into it. It is so fun to have an opportunity to make a little extra money, but it’s also stressful having to constantly post, so I keep my content pretty minimal.

Q: What made you go Kappa?

A (Tara): Having a school that does spring recruitment was the biggest blessing. I went Kappa because I got to meet amazing girls my first four months at Baylor who cared for me and helped me adjust to a new environment. They became my friends first, and I knew I wanted them to become my sorority sisters. Kappa Kappa Gamma at Baylor is one of the most genuine and fun things to be a part of; we learn more about each other and about who God is. It is such a blessing that all my best friends also went KKG!

Tara and her new Kappa sisters pose for a photo. (Photo Provided by Tara Fishman)

Q: What is your favorite memory from the Academy?

A (Tara): I literally can’t pick just one memory, but it was a blessing to go to a school at the same time as both of my beautiful sisters (Jenna Fishman ‘18 and Ava Fishman ‘24), play soccer with my best friends, and win Red and Gold my senior year. I loved performing our dances for our team in the gym right before we started filming, and just crying and being so thankful that I got to create a show with so many talented captains.

Tara and Daly Holman ’22 pose in their red team outfits. (Photo Provided by Daly Holman)

Q: Where do you see your TikTok career going in the future?

A (Tara): Hopefully my account continues to grow, and I can inspire more people. As a current Baylor nutrition student, I hope I can use my TikTok page for good. Since I have a small platform, I want to use it to help girls who struggled with eating as I did and also show what it’s like to love God, be in college, and still have fun.

Rosary loves Tara Fishman! To keep up with Tara and her busy, fun-filled, and influential life, make sure to follow her on TikTok @tarafishman and on Instagram @tarafishman.