Iced Chai Tea: A Random Word Poem


Pure voltage in a beverage. Photo by Charlotte Jordan ’23

Anna Jordan, Staff Writer

This poem includes seven (bolded) randomly selected words from a dictionary that I have turned into an epic of legendary proportions. Enjoy.


I don’t have the energy to show up to school

But don’t worry, I have a solution:


100 percent guaranteed to burn as fuel

100 miles per hour, acute electrocution


A time machine in a cup, because now it’s the 4th of July

I’m a lethal firework on the streets that shot down from the sky


A smear on people’s windows, a throttling car-shaped blur

Now that I have my drink, school’s soon going to occur


Voltage shooting through my body, the sugar burning up

Reciprocity is out the window and my mind is simply stuck


Sugar crash like no other, I’m forced back into the present

Dehydrated, anxious, emotional, on-time, wondering where my drink went.