Shadows apply now!


(Photo Credit: RCDO)

At Rosary students are encouraged to be empowered young women.

Colleen Schmitt, Staff Writer

Daly Holman ’22 giving a few shadows a campus tour. (Photo Provided by “@rosaryroyals” Instagram)

Rosary Academy held a very successful shadow day on Wednesday, Jan. 12. This day gives 7th and 8th graders the opportunity to come shadow one of Rosary Academy’s ambassadors.

Each shadow gets to sit in on two different classes and get a campus tour. On shadow day, the teachers go out of their way to include shadows and make them feel extra special.

Brynn Beauchamp ’23 shares her experience being an ambassador: “I love being a tour guide and talking about what this school has to offer, and I know ultimately I will get to play a small role in these girls high school experience.”

If you enjoyed your experience on the shadow day, you can visit today and apply. If you go to “Admissions” on the website and scroll all the way down, you can find where to apply.

Shadows come from all different types of school and can be intimidated when being introduced to a private all-girls school. However, Rosary’s ambassadors are hand picked by our administration to be models of Rosary Academy.