The “Holy Grails” of food


(Photo taken from

The photo above features the CrunchWrap Supreme that rendered Anna speechless.

Daniela Arias, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

When I tried it—everything stopped.


The world stopped rotating, and all that existed in this twisted thing we call life were it and me.


With a fluffy sesame bun, the corners of the squared cheese peeking from the sides, and the pieces of bacon and pickles decked on top of the meat patty, it was perfect. More than perfect—glorious.


This picture DOES NOT do my beloved Quarter Pounder justice! (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)

So, what exactly is this Godsend of a creation which I keep referring to as “it” you may ask. The “it” is none other than the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese and bacon. This burger, this delectable being which ascended from the McDonald’s on Painter Ave is what I considered to be my “Holy Grail” food.


Like my beloved Quarter Pounder, many others also have a special place in their hearts for the foods they consider to be, dare I say—Revolutionary.


Charlotte Jordan ’23 explained how the Classic Chicken Tostada from El Pollo Loco became her saving grace: “It made me realize that my stomach had depths that had never been filled until I ate this glorious salad for the first time. Perfect comfort/post-workout meal, and a side of chips and guacamole doesn’t hurt.”


While Charlotte finds heavenly deliciousness in the El Pollo Loco Tostada, Anna Jordan ’23 shared how her food of choice is from El Pollo Loco’s less nutritious counterpart, Taco Bell: “I had only heard some previous hype, but I was curious, so I took the plunge. Little did I know the world I would enter could rival that of the ones promised in poems. There is not justifiable way to put a CrunchWrap Supreme into words other than that there are none for it.”

Man Charlotte, this really is a glorious salad… (Photo taken from


The CrunchWrap Supreme was so mind blowing that it left Anna virtually speechless. Fellow junior Joy Harfouche experienced a similar phenomenon when she tried the L’Artusi Caesar Salad: “It is simply exquisite. The crunch is absolutely everything, and the service at the restaurant overall made me feel like a child again.”


From burgers, to salads, to faux Mexican dishes galore, I think it’s fair to say everyone has that one food that has struck an arrow into their heart. Feel free to comment down below what your life-changing food is!