A Christmas celebration: Filipino style


Photo Credit: Chelsea Bartilad '22

The AAPI Club’s presentation for the potluck.

Chelsea Bartilad and Skylar Cooper

In celebration of the holidays, the Multicultural Appreciation (MCA) Club and Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Appreciation Club hosted a Christmas potluck at the Assembly Hall on December 7th. 

Since the Philippines was the MCA Club’s monthly cultural focus, the potluck consisted of Filipino food, ranging from traditional delicacies such as Pancit Palabok: a noodle dish with shrimp sauce and seafood toppings, and Ensaymada: buttery sweet bread covered with sugar and cheese gratings.

While the club members ate their meals, the AAPI Club prepared a presentation on Asian and Pacific Island nations’ Christmas traditions, followed by a short lesson on the Philippines and some trivia questions.”

“Hosting the meeting was really fun,” said Katriel Cenabre ‘23, Vice President of the AAPI Appreciation Club, “I’m so glad that the MCA Club reached out to Chelsea and me about doing this collab.” 

As the Filipina and non-Filipina members from both clubs took part in this event, many were able to learn more about the culture and/or enjoyed their favorite foods. Senior Katie Fang said, “The meeting was both fun and educational. Learning about the Filipino culture and trying new foods was such a cool experience that I probably wouldn’t get the chance to have if I didn’t join this club.” Jackie Sanchez ‘23 expressed, “It felt really nice seeing everyone gather together for this potluck. We bonded over two things: our culture and food itself. Overall 10/10!” 

After the event, Sabrina Piazza ‘23, the President of the MCA Club said, “I thought the meeting went well; the potluck was definitely a highlight. We barely had any leftovers, so it’s safe to say everyone enjoyed it. But I think the collaboration is what made the meeting so special. I’m still amazed we pulled it off.”