Rosary alum back for Christmas break


"Photo Provided by Emma Vasquez '23"

Rosary alumn, Lauren Vasquez spent time at the beach with her brother and sister.

Emma Oskorus, Staff Writer

Winter break is only a week away; however, winter break comes around sooner for others. Many college students are already on winter break. They are finally back home with all their family and friends ready to enjoy the both a break and the holiday season. Many Rosary alum are anxious to be back in their hometowns, and spend time with those they have not seen in awhile.


Lauren Vasquez, a 2019 graduate and sister of current Rosary student Emma Vasquez ’23, shares what she has been doing in her free time since coming back home for break: “So far I have just been relaxing and taking a break from classes. I have watched lots of Hallmark movies, and gone to the beach with my friends.”


Other alumnae have also been back in touch with their Rosary friends.


Kate Noden, a 2020 graduate, shares what she has done with her Rosary friends since coming home for break: “Since I have been home, I have gone out to brunch with  my old Rosary friends. We did brunch together and also went to a nice dinner out in Los Angeles followed by taking many pictures and walking through the city.”


Although many Rosary alum enjoy going out with their friends, they also make time to spend with their family. Whether it is visiting their grandparents, aunts and uncles, or even just dropping off lunch for their siblings while they are at school, many are excited to spend this holiday season with the ones they love.


Shannon Mora, a 2018 graduate, shares her favorite moments with her family during winter break: “So far, since being back home, my sister and I have watched tons of Christmas movies with my mom. We enjoy staying in especially since we are always out and about when we are in college.”


However exciting college life is, Royals always seem excited to come back home. This holiday season, spend time with the ones you love most.

2018 Rosary alumn, Alisson Viggiano, Shannon Mora, and Chloe Ruffier are spending time together in Newport.
(“Photo Provided by Shannon Mora”)
2020 graduates Julia Oskorus, Kate Noden, Savannah Alvarado, and Melina Alsworth before leaving for a night out in Los Angeles.
(“Photo Provided by Julia Oskorus”)