“New Year, New Me”


Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License

Please refrain from using this phrase going into 2022. This is for your own sake and my own sake—but mostly my own.

Daniela Arias, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Not to be pessimistic, but it’s honestly a broken record at this point. What am I referring to you may ask? New Year’s resolutions.

Year in and year out we make a vow to solve some sort of habitual problem in our lives, knowing that we—well a majority of us at least—will most definitely not solve that problem in the New Year.

Whether it be a promise to ourselves to focus on our fitness, stay single and AVOID relationships, or cut that certain toxic someone out of our lives—resolutions are usually something that last till the beginning of February—late March at their longest.

In commemoration ofspecifically my ownshort lived New Year’s resolutions, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most cliché resolutions of ALL TIME.

1) “This year, I’m going to exercise more”

Maybe this just pertains to me, but are you really going to follow through with this one? This was my resolution last year, aka the COVID YEAR. I began a workout program and daily hula hooping. I only lasted a good five days on the workout program, and as for my hula hooping—my entire torso was bruised RAW on the seventh day. Although, I did become quite the gifted hula hooper if I do say so myself, I’m just not a consistent person when it comes to fitness.

Sadly, even Santa knew of my many failed resolutions. (Photo Credit: Daniela Arias ’23)

2) “This year, I’m just going to focus on me and take a break from romance”

All I can do is tilt my head back and laugh ferociously at this resolution. This is cliché in my books because I am a diehard hopeless romantic, and I practically fall in love left and right. Of course, I love myself dearly, but when I do develop a crush it takes AGES for me to get over it. I’m also not helping my case when I fly through probably a billion romantic movies and novels a year…

3) “This year, I’m going to try and not be stressed as much”

As soon as I step onto school grounds after Christmas break, this resolution FAILS. I’m not a person that gets incredibly stressed out over huge things, but when it comes to smaller things—oh boy. If I cannot find some item, usually some insignificant item, panic surges up my spine, and I become overwhelmed with a spazzy feeling.

4) “This year, I’m going to try and go out more”

I mean…yes? But…no? Going out more sounds fun and all, but cozying up in bed with my favorite blanket watching a good rom-com sounds SO MUCH BETTER. I know, I know, you must think I’m a hermit, but in reality, I’m just a person who holds alone time high on their list of priorities.

To end this article on a more positive note, follow through on your resolutions this year! I hope you all enjoyed my last listicle of 2021, feel free to comment some of your failed OR successful New Year’s resolutions.