Winter sports rally


Photo Credit: Chelsea Bartilad '22

The Class of ’23 being hyped up for this year’s Winter Sports.

Chelsea Bartilad, Staff Writer

As fall comes to an end, now starts the beginning of a new season…of sports.

On Wednesday, Dec. 1, the Karcher Center was full of energy and ready to show some spirit for the winter sports teams.

Hosted by Reese Loya ‘22 and Adriana Arroyo ‘23, the rally promoted Rosary’s basketball, soccer, water polo, cheer, and dance teams. Every athlete was excited for this upcoming season.

Videos of the teams played on the big screen, introducing the members while showcasing their skills, as well as capturing the highlights of their previous practices and games.

Karissa Garcia ‘23 described the rally being “fun to show support, especially since this is my first Winter Sports Rally this year. I also enjoyed watching the teams’ videos—you can really see how strong their bonds are.”

After presenting the teams, the two hosts announced a race for some of the students from the stands to play. Players were required to wear tissue boxes on their feet as they raced across the gym floor. Senior Skylar Cooper said, “Honestly it was really fun to watch people slip and slide while racing. The competitiveness was thick in the air, and you can tell they were enjoying themselves.”

Along with the sports teams’ introductions and tissue box race, we were given a sneak peak of this year’s Christmas Concert. Conducted by Mr. Rodriguez, Rosary’s Musical Theatre performed a beautiful rendition of Frozen’s “Ring of the Season,” causing the crowd to give a standing ovation.

Musical Theatre giving us a beautiful performance. (Photo Credit: Chelsea Bartilad ’22)

Finally, the sports rally ended with the classic “Rosary, Rosary! How do you feel?” cheer, determining who would win this season’s spirit stick.

Among the expressive cheers, the class that won the spirit stick were the sophomores! Mandy Puga ‘24 said, “I am so happy that we won the spirit stick, we needed a win. The sophomore class was ready to cheer on the sports teams and we clearly were the loudest class in the Karcher Center.”

The sophomores celebrating their win. (Photo Credit: Lanna Martinez ’22)

Be sure to show support to this year’s winter sports teams and have a good season!