Royals on the rise: Jojo Watson

Sneak peak of Jojo in “Front.”

(Photo provided by Jojo Watson ’22)

Sneak peak of Jojo in “Front.”

Chelsea Bartilad, Staff Writer

Rosary Academy is filled with bright, talented, and incredible individuals that will make an impact on the world.

At the early age of 8-years-old, Jojo’s heart has been set on Broadway: from listening to musical soundtracks on the road, to watching Golden Age movie musicals such as “Hello, Dolly” and “The Music Man.” She describes them to be “so vibrant and beautiful, something about them just called to me.” (Fun fact: Jojo also grew up hearing stories about her mom making an appearance in “Wicked”!)

Little Jojo happily smiling about her performance. (Photo provided by Jojo Watson ’22)

For the past eleven years, Jojo has performed in over twenty plays and musicals, some of her favorites being “Hello, Dolly,” “Looking Back/Moving Forward,” “Chicago,” “The Fantasticks,” and “Once Upon a Mattress.” Her family has attended every single one of her shows, leaving the theater awestruck.

Throughout her time in Rosary, Jojo has been involved with Trinitas (originally called Tri-School Theatre), where she has participated in all of their productions, such as “Oklahoma!” and “The Matchmaker.” Aside from being an actress, Jojo is also the Manager of Trinitas’ Comedy Sportz team, where they compete against each other in matches playing improv games, leaving the audience to decide who the winner will be.

In college, Jojo plans to continue her passion for the stage where she will major in musical theatre. She is determined to become a performer and hopes to someday be a part of Broadway and write some of her own musicals as well. “As cliché as it sounds,” she says, “I really don’t know what I’d be doing right now if I weren’t doing theatre all the time.”

This year, Trinitas’ Fall production is “Front,” a historical play about the untold stories of the women during WWII. The show will run starting tonight from 7 p.m. and will continue to this Sunday at 2 p.m. at Servite High School. Be sure to attend and show some support to both Trinitas and Jojo, who is a part of the production.