Why Friars and Royals chose their sport


(Photo Credit: Servite High)

Christopher Marci ’24 looking across the court with his racket in hand.

Mandy Puga, Staff Writer

Rosary and Servite athletes are currently practicing for upcoming games, matches, and races for their sports teams. But what influenced these athletes to choose the sport they currently play in the first place?

Have they been playing their sport all of their life? Were they forced to do a sport by their parents? Or did they just join the sport on a less serious note? The Royal Reporter took the time to investigate the reason behind what drew current Rosary and Servite athletes to their sport.

Salvador “Sal” Garcia ’24 said, “I choose to play volleyball because I had started playing in middle school around the 5th grade and was told I was good. In the 7th grade, I really wanted to get better so I joined club volley where I was able to improve my skills and get to where I am today.”

Spencer Thiemann stated ’24, “I’ve been playing volleyball since I was eight and I like the sport because we all have to work togther as a team. We all want the same thing: we want to win. It’s nice to know that people are rooting for us and that makes our spirit stronger. Everyone will always be there for eachother, even if I make a mistake, my teammates will support me.”

Benjamin “Ben” Martins ’22 said “I originally joined the cross country team to stay in shape for soccer, but then I quit soccer. So I just kept doing cross country and stuck with it. I always liked Servite’s cross country team and we have a really close bond with each other. Also its an awesome feeling when you finish a race.”

Sheila “Kat” Martins ’22, Ben’s sister stated, “I joined cross country freshman year because it seemed like fun, but I’m not sure why I’m still here. Running is hard though don’t get me wrong. Every year, I said I would quit, but I’m still here.”

Christopher Marci ’24 shared, “I been playing tennis for 7 years now and I like the sport because it helps me to get away from everything. I feel free when I play and I love my teammates because we are so close and help each other when needed.”

Faith Arcebal ’23 stated, “My mom and my aunt both play tennis, so I decided to play as well and it’s actually a lot of fun. Everyone on the team is really energetic and supportive. There’s barley any drama so you can just go out on the court and be yourself. That’s what I love about it.”

These student athletes are clearly dedicated to their teams throughout their different circumstances, whether they joined their team on a less serious note or have been playing there sport since childhood. Support Rosary and Servite athletes at their games, meets, and tournaments!

Sal Garcia ’24 right before a volleyball game. (Photo Credit: Servite High School)
The volleyball celebrates a win because they are going to CIF. (Photo Credit: Rosary Academy Instagram)
Servite Cross Country team running warm up laps before their race. (Photo Credit: Servite High School)
Rosary Cross Country team at their meet. (Photo Provided by Rosary Academy)
Rosary’s Varsity Tennis team smiles for the camera. (Photo provided by Rosary Academy)