Royally real Disney food review’s

Nicole snaps a picture of her friends enjoying their classic Disney churros.

Photo Credit: Nicole Pineda '23

Nicole snaps a picture of her friends enjoying their classic Disney churro’s.

Daniela Arias, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

The moment we were all anticipating… flooding into the gates of the ‘happiest place on earth.’

We all came at different times and with different people, but we all were thinking of one thing…food.

I caught up with some Royals, and they revealed what they munched on while at the park and what they thought about it.

Kate Rosales ‘23 had a classic food item among Disney goers…but with a twist: “I got a raspberry dole whip. It was not too sweet, really fruity, and refreshing.”

Kate holds up her delectable raspberry Dole whip. (Photo Credit: Kate Rosales ’23)

Alongside Kate’s timeless dole whip, Nicole Pineda ‘23 shared how her classic Disney churro was: “These churros are scrumdiddlyumptious. I am only ever okay with spending five dollars on a churro for Disneyland’s churro’s.”

I also enjoyed a classic Disney snack—the infamous salted Mickey pretzel. Words can’t describe how wonderful this pretzel was. It was the perfect amount of salty, it was crunchy yet soft, and when dipped in the cheese…Oh, dear.

I am happily holding my Mickey pretzel eager to take a bite of the salty delicacy and dip it into the hot and melty cheese. (Photo Credit: Daniela Arias ’23)

Victoria Gomez ‘23 enjoyed a Disney delicacy that was on ALL our minds: “Something I HAVE to get whenever I come to Disneyland are the Mickey-shaped Beignets! The Beignets are warm, fluffy, and are covered in powdered sugar which melts instantly in your mouth. The powdered sugar got everywhere…. but IT WAS WORTH IT!”

Tori takes a bite out of her Mickey beignet. (Photo provided by Victoria Gomez ’23)

Unlike Tori’s enjoyable Disney treat, Anna Jordan ‘23 had a slightly less enjoyable food experience: “The corn dog was good at first, but then the more I ate, the more I realized it was a technique that Disney was using to try and keep me wanting more, so I would buy more. I felt nauseous by the end of it and couldn’t finish it or the fries. But it was decent.”

Anna and Charlotte are all smiles with their Disney corn dogs in hand. (Photo Credit: Daniela Arias ’23)

Although Anna was not totally in love with her corn dog, the Tropical Hideaway pork lumpia she ate later in the day really made her feel like she was at the happiest place on earth: “The pork lumpia and dole whip were both delectable. It was the best food I ate all day, and the portion sizes were perfect for a quick break from walking.”

Charlotte Jordan ‘23 also munched on food from Disney’s Tropical Hideaway restaurant: “I  got the lime-chicken bao, and it was delicious! The texture of the bun and the taste of the filling was delicious, and the portion size was perfect! Overall, 10/10!.”

Adriana and Emma Vasquez ’23 snap a candid picture while eating their Disney pickles. (Photo Credit: Adriana Arroyo ’23)

Adriana Arroyo ‘23 indulged in not one, not two, but three Disney treats and revealed her opinions on each: “The Disney Pickle is never a miss. It’s delicious, refreshing, and ginormous. It’s never a real Disney trip for me without a pickle, and it’s really the culmination of what it means to be the ‘pickle friend.’”

Adriana takes a picture of her disappointing yet photogenic mac and cheese bread bowl. (Photo Credit: Adriana Arroyo ’23)

She went on to discuss the other two treats she thoroughly enjoyed: “Talk about carb loading. It was my first time trying the Mac and cheese bread bowl meal, and I have to say it was just okay. The bread was not a practical choice for the Mac and cheese. Also, the Mac and Cheese wasn’t anything special — which was a huge letdown. It was too creamy. Wish I had gotten the clam chowder. Following the bread bowl, I had the Firehouse Dalmatian Mint Sundae. A giant mint ice cream sundae with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and a cherry that I conquered on my own. You can never go wrong with these combinations. It was great!.”

I think I can say on behalf of all Royals that these Disney treats were worth the excruciating pain left in our knees and feet by the end of the day.