Rah Rah Rosary!


It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come: from hoarding toilet paper and having no rallys, to having enough toilet paper to have fun at a rally. Photo Credit: Emma Silva

Emma Silva and Mandy Puga

On Wednesday, Sept. 29., the Rosary Academy student body and faculty came together in the Karcher Center to have the first in-person Fall Sports Rally in almost two years.

Rallies are a loved tradition and a way for the students to get excited about upcoming events and school sports. Hosted by the fantastic Adriana Arroyo ’23 and Elena Walz ’22, the rally did not disappoint. The escape room-themed skit was nothing short of hilarious.

About the skit, Ava Acuña ’23 said, “I was laughing the whole time. [It] was so cute.”

The current sports in practice on campus are tennis, volleyball, golf, cross country, dance, cheer, and triathlon. All teams looked ready to dominate the competition, and the dance and cheer teams dazzled in their Karcher Center performance.

Julia “Jules” Watson ’24, hyped up the sophomore class at the rally, “Since this was the first fall rally, it was super fun because last year we didn’t have any. It was a great experience seeing the whole school cheering together. Seeing the dance team perform made such a positive and exciting feeling in the room.”

ASB also hosted fun interactive games. My personal favorite was the game where you had to make a mummy out of your partner with toilet paper.

But the most memorable moment of the rally?

The junior class winning the spirit stick.

This is the class of 2023’s first spirit stick win, and they know they are in for some tough competition defending it at the next rally.

An exclusive inside view from the spirit sitck-winning junior class. Photo credit: Emma Silva

Kate Rosales ’23 said: “Oh my gosh. It was so much fun and getting the spirit stick? That was awesome.”

Emma Oskorus ’23 shared, “I was so happy we won the spirit stick. I have never won the spirit stick before especially since we did not have any rallies last year due to Covid. I loved cheering with all my friends and almost lost my voice because of it.”

This year’s fall rally was a total success! Make sure to keep supporting all Royal fall sports!