Junior class retreat: step up and step out


Photo provided by Colleen Schmitt '23

Mrs. Mattos giving a talk about courage.

Colleen Schmitt, Staff Writer

The juniors went on their “Step up and Step Out Retreat” on Wednesday, Sept. 22. A faith-filled day that included lots of different activities and speakers, the retreat brought the class closer.

The retreat was held from 8:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. at the Fullerton Community Center. The morning started with a few icebreaker activities to get comfortable. Following this was adoration at Saint Mary Church.

The purpose of this retreat was to teach the junior class that being an upperclasswomen comes with responsibilities. The juniors learned what it means to step up and be brave when God is calling.

Junior Francesca McGuire said: “I learned that to step up means to be patient, kind, and brave. It only takes 10 seconds of courage!”

The American Sign Language teacher Mrs. Mattos gave an amazing talk to the juniors about having courage. Mrs. Mattos shared about her experience going to Africa and helping the people there who were in need of medical care. She told the juniors that God compelled her to go on this trip and to step up and help.

The juniors were taught that when things do not go the way they were planned, God has a plan.

Vaishali Gupta ’23 said: “I learned how important it is to step up as a big sister. My little sisters see me as a role model, and I know how important it is that I fill that role.”

The juniors learned that being a big sister does not just mean having a biological little sister. It is so much more then that, it is stepping up when God calls you and trusting in him.

The junior class retreat is important to experience for an upperclasswomen in order to know what responsibilities they hold. Being a big sister can be a large task. After this retreat, the juniors have become more comfortable with the idea of being a big sister and role models to the people around them.