Terribly great music taste


*Loud crying* https://pudding.cool/2020/12/judge-my-spotify/ Photo Credit: Isabelle Brookshire

Isabelle Brookshire, Copy Editor

You have terrible taste. Sorry to break it to you. I know that’s not what you expected when you clicked on this article but… it’s true. Unfortunately. 

Well, okay. I take it back. Don’t blame me. Blame the people I interviewed. Their answers are just so great that there needs to be a little pretentiousness. So, while I will not be dissing other people’s music tastes (because even I can’t will myself to do something like that), I will be praising my own personal music taste. Vehemently. Praising.

But let’s not be hasty. Of course, we first have to discover what really defines good music taste. 

Danielle Rodriguez ‘22 sums it up best. Danielle says, “Anything you absolutely enjoy is what makes your music taste great! It’s unique to you!” In regards to her personal music taste, she states, “I would say I have a pretty decent music taste! I listen to pretty much anything! From The Neighbourhood to the Doors!!”

Some of Danielle Rodriguez’s favorite and most-streamed artists!
Photo Credit: Danielle Rodriguez

See what I’m talking about? The answers are just so good that they’re actually upsetting. Drama! We need some drama! But don’t worry, I shall come to the rescue! Stay tuned for the end of the article…

Explaining another point of view, Mahea Akui ‘24 says: “I define good music taste as something that puts you in the mood you want to be in and when other people feel the same way when they listen to the songs. People connect to music and connect to other people through music, but not everyone likes the same music so a good music taste all depends on who’s listening.”

Gah! So poetic, so perfect! If only all of society could be like this. Perhaps Rosary could make its own mini-society. Wouldn’t that be interesting? But now to the next question. Is your music taste good? Why?

Rebecca Nassar ‘25 expresses, “Good music taste is whatever resonates with you and makes you feel good. Obviously, my music taste is the best because I listen to Clairo and Steve Lacy.”

We’ve fortunately got some takers for the best music taste. But at this point, it’s becoming very clear that music is all about feeling. I think that’s beautiful. 

Ugh, stop, I’m getting cheesy. We need some intervention! Is there anyone, anyone at all who’s going to be pretentious?! 

However, even people who admit they’re a little snobby still manage to find a middle ground and avoid being truly pretentious altogether. Mr. Tice says, “I’m kind of a snob about music because I’m an English major—so music for me has to have meaningful lyrics. Anything pointless or immature is a waste of my time. Of course my taste in music is impeccable. I don’t segregate or judge by genre, just by quality.”

Some of my favorite records/CDs
Photo Credit: Isabelle Brookshire

Honestly, a wonderful answer. I’d have to agree as well. You see, what really matters most boils down to personal preference. 

Ms. Barclay adds on to that point, but in a… slightly different way. Upon asking her these questions, she says, “Oh my god, you’re asking me this? Oh my god, is this deliberate? I have the worst taste. When it comes to music… Well, I think it’s good.” Oh my. Should we be scared? Comment down below. 

She continues, “What defines good music taste… I think someone who’s open-minded and willing to go outside of any genre. I do think good music taste has to be in some part defined by your willingness to try it all. Beyond that, I have no idea. Oh my god, I have no idea! That’s too funny, that you’re asking me. That’s so great!” 

Readers, we all agree asking Ms. Barclay was a wonderful idea, right? Honestly, the best reply here. Now we need to hear what else she’ll say. I’m literally on the edge of my seat. “So personally, I know I have exquisite, exquisite music taste. Nobody agrees with that. The problem is that I really don’t listen to music very often. And so the stuff I like is super old. I haven’t heard of any of the people who you guys talk about… I don’t know who Cardi B is… Is it a heart attack? Is it a singer?” Sorry Cardi B stans. “So I think I do. But I don’t. I’m shaking my head. I’m shaking my head. I don’t.”

I agree with her. Can we all comment, I agree with you, Ms. Barclay? Even though her music taste isn’t explicitly said here, I think it has to be great. I mean, her passion for “Varsity Girl” by John Zelinka pretty much proves me right. 

In addition, I think there’s nothing wrong with not knowing modern artists. I hardly know what’s going on either. To be honest, my only exposure to popular music lies on TikTok. I knowww right. 

But that leads to the question: Isabelle, what about your music taste? Well, I know I listen to great music. I’d have to say I probably have the best music taste in the whole world. I mean, my top artists are Radiohead, The Beatles, Nirvana, The Strokes, Bôa, Gorillaz, Iron & Wine, and salvia palth (not to be confused with Sylvia Plath). 

*Loud crying*
Photo Credit: Isabelle Brookshire

All in all, my taste in artists and music is really great. Like seriously, if you don’t listen to these artists—okay. I can’t really manage pretentiousness for too long. It’s not in my blood. I mean, I do think I’m better than everyone else because of my music taste but that’s a whole separate thing. (I’m kidding. Just have to make sure my sarcasm translates here). 

But if you ever feel like your music taste isn’t good enough because it’s too normal, too abstract, or too whatever, I feel like we’ve proved that as long as you like it, it’s great. Listen to the stuff that brings you joy, excitement, or any other emotions you want from it. That’s what truly matters.