Homecoming: No Date? No Problem!


Photo Provided By: Hannah Palos Hannah Palos and Alinna Rivera, sophomore year, before they go to Homecoming.

Mandy Puga and Emma Oskorus

With Homecoming 2021 just around the corner, Royals and Friars have one thing in mind: Should I bring a date to the dance or should I just go with a group of friends? Going with or without a date can guarantee a night full of fun; however, there are its ups and downs if you do decide to bring a date.

If you go with someone who may be considered “more than a friend,” this can lead to a socially awkward night filled with questions like, “Do we dance together?” or “Can I only hang out with them during the dance?”

Julianna Ortiz ’23 states, “I have gone to homecoming with a date and in my personal experience, it was not as fun as I thought. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a date and I think it would be more fun without a date.”

Some people prefer to bring a date and others prefer to go with friends. The stress of trying to search for a date can be extremely overwhelming which is why going with friends can lead to a stress free night.

Mr. Stegink, a dedicated English teacher at Rosary, provides his personal opinion about bringing a date to his high school dances, “It’s fun to have a date, but I don’t think it’s necessary. When you go with a couple of friends you can dance with a lot more people. When you go with a date, you are bound to only dance with just them.”

Homecoming is all about having fun. Going with your friends, and not just a date, is an important experience to have as well.

Keira Sarni ’22 had this to say about her experience going with a date, “Going with a date to homecoming can be fun if you go with a friend; but, going with a date can be sometimes awkward.  We didn’t have a bunch in common, which left some of uncomfortable lengths of silence in conversation. I enjoyed my sophomore homecoming much better when I went with a big group of friends from Rosary and Servite. It was much more natural and not as forced.”

Senior at Rosary Academy Hannah Palos states, “I have only been with a date my freshman year and it was a good experience, but I personally love being with my friends. Everyone goes to HOCO, so it’s so easy to just meet everyone there and still have the best time. I don’t think you really need to go with a date to have fun. I always enjoy homecoming just going with friends and a big group of my girl friends.”

No matter who you go with–friends or date–homecoming is about having fun and making high school memories that last a lifetime.