Rosary softball’s MVP: Tom Tice


Photo provided by Tom Tice

Coach Tice and Abigail Tice ’22 proudly hold their award after winning the CIF Championship.

Chelsea Bartilad, Staff Writer

Rosary’s head softball coach Tom Tice (and dad to Abby Tice ’22) has been in the game for a long time, and he recently helped lead the Royals to victory in the CIF Championships this year– the program’s second since 1984.

Over the summer, Coach Tice received CIF Division 4 Coach of the Year and was inducted into the OC Hall of Fame.

I was given the pleasure of interviewing him about his experience coaching at Rosary:

Q: How did you feel winning the CIF Championships?

I was extremely excited for players, knowing how hard they had worked all year. We played a nearly perfect championship game, and it’s always wonderful to play your best when it matters the most.

Q: How does it feel to be part of the OC Softball Hall of Fame and receive Softball Coach of the Year?

Being named to the Hall of Fame is quite a tribute to the history of Rosary Softball.  All it really means is that I’ve been able to coach great players for three decades, and that our school and team are both very highly respected.  I’ve coached with a lot of great assistant coaches and co-coaches over the years, so much love has to go to those people as well.

Q:How long have you been coaching at Rosary? How has this experience shaped you throughout your time here?

I’m going into my 29th season coaching at Rosary. This will be my 25th as head coach, but it’s kind of like my 24th since we lost a season to COVID.  Coaching for Rosary has deepened my appreciation for Rosary and our mission.  The sportsmanship, intelligence, talent, and toughness of Rosary girls is second to none.  It’s an honor to represent the school and show the world our best side.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about coaching?

Every year is a process, and players and coaches set targets for growth. Trying to reach those goals through daily work makes each day a blessing, and watching someone attain their hopes and dreams is incredibly satisfying.

Q: Aside from coaching, what other activities do you like to do on your free time?

I love to go to concerts, and I love to travel to places near and far. We saw 23 states this summer, including many places we’d never been, like Gettysburg and New England.

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone who is considering coaching?

Your job is to serve your team – you are there for them, not the opposite.  So the team’s goals must come from the team.  It’s a lot easier to coach when you’re helping young people reach their own goals, as opposed to the goals you set for them.


After his many years of dedication and service at Rosary, Coach Tice’s accomplishments are well deserved. If you see Mr. Tice around campus, be sure to congratulate him!


Coach Dawn Castañeda and some of the players from the softball show proudly support Coach Tice (center) after the Hall of Fame ceremony. (Photo credit Tom Tice)