Tennis season begins


Tatum Larson 23′ and Sydney Rosario 23′ congratulate eachother after getting a point. Photo Provided By: Tatum Larson.

With extensive training and practice games, Rosary’s Tennis Team is preparing for their upcoming season.

The girls from each team spoke on their thoughts of how training season is going.

Starting with varsity, Gia Espejo ‘23 shared: “Tennis is going great. From practices with the team to practice division league games in the 100 degree heat it gets tiring. Other than that I know that the team is ready to play their hardest with the goal of becoming CIF champions.”

Tatum Larson 23′ is waiting to return a ball. Photo provided By: Tatum Larson.

Next up, Megan Mendonca ‘23 plays on junior varsity and described her experience so far: “I love practicing with my friends. We are all very supportive of each other. I know that my teammates will help me.”

Finally, Angelina Sances ‘23 told of her experience as a new tennis player on the developmental team, a group that practices but doesn’t actually compete in matches: “I came in not knowing how to use my racket. Now I can actually hit the ball. Every day I see improvement and learn more about tennis.”

All athletes have been training to do their very best for the upcoming season. Although they may experience exhaustion at times, the whole team supports each other with each coach as their role models. All players and coaches are motivated for the season and would be so appreciative if anyone from the Rosary community would support and cheer them on in future games.