Royal Fashionista: Dorothy Castellana

Irene Fernandez and Lauren Cottrell

The world is made brighter by style icons like the fashionable Dorothy Castellana ’22!

Like many great artists, designers, and architects, she has always been ahead of her time. We remember Dorothy’s aesthetic film posts back in 2018, long before it became the popular mode of photography at Rosary Academy.

However, Dorothy expresses her individuality through more than just her Instagram. She is also incredibly fashion forward. Many of her Y2K style outfits have caught the internets attention. With 300k monthly viewers on Pinterest, Dorothy’s fashion sense has made her quite the trendsetter. She has even made people’s outfit inspiration boards on Pinterest!

Dorothy smiles for a pose wearing a cute lilac sweater, brown tank, and a gold necklace. (Photo provided by Dorothy Castellana )

Furthermore, Dorothy shared her favorite places to shop. She said, “As cliché as it sounds, I mostly shop second hand. Although I didn’t get lucky enough to inherit vintage designer bags and 90s Levi’s from my mom, 80% of my wardrobe is either thrifted or from Depop.”

When asked how she would categorize her style, she replied, “I would categorize it as 60s and 90s inspired. I love platform docs, cardigans, and white tops with jeans. I’m also huge into tortoise shell sunglasses and chunky gold earrings.”

This fashion forward queen also shared some of her favorite items in her closet. She said, “My favorite pieces I own are a vintage black leather blazer, plain white tops, converse chuck 70s, overalls, and my pair of Levi 501s I thrifted for $10.” We love amazing thrift finds!

Just like how Dorothy is a style icon for many Pinterest users and Instagram followers, she has fashion idols of her own. Castellana excitedly shared: “My goal is basically to dress like a model running errands, so my favorite style icons are Bella Hadid, Lily Rose Depp, and Kate Moss.”

For those looking to develop their own personal style, Dorothy offered her best fashion advice. She happily shared: “My best fashion advice is to build up your wardrobe with timeless pieces. From there you can go legitimately any direction through adding shoes and accessories.”

Dorothy has been able to expand her knowledge of fashion through attending a 4-week long workshop with FIT in April.

Dorothy celebrates in a UNIF dress over a cute long sleeve brown shirt. (Photo provided by Dorothy Castellana)

Castellana shared her exciting experience: “We focused on personal branding, so basically how to pitch yourself within the confinements of a 30 second elevator ride.” Along with this essential skill she learned, she also mentioned: “We did a lot of personal style searching, which I really appreciated. Understanding your own style is a huge part of going into the fashion world wanting to start or work for a brand.”

In her future, Dorothy hopes to continue down the fashion track. When asked about her career plans, she responded: “Personally, I’m planning on majoring in fashion business! I want to work with or for brands such as Jeffrey Campbell or small up and coming designers.” She also shared: “I would love to be on the marketing and/or branding side, my dream job being a creative director.”

Dorothy’s creative outfits and strong work ethic are sure to help her on her journey to success!