Calling all Royal writers

Photo via Google under the Creative Commons license

Photo via Google under the Creative Commons license

Mary Nassar, News Editor

The Royal Reporter wants to start accepting creative writing submissions from students to display on our website. Any student at Rosary is welcome to contribute from any genre or writing style including poetry, short stories, or longer stories. There is no word limit for your creative writing pieces; however, if your story is on the longer side, we can publish a portion of it every week and make it into a series.

Many Royals have already expressed an interest in submitting their work. Isabelle Brookshire ’22, a Creative Writing Editor for the Royal Reporter and the Vice President for the Royal Poets Society Club, shared her thoughts on receiving students’ work: “On the Creative Writing column, we’d love to showcase Royals’ writing! Submitting your material would allow it to gain some viewership and perhaps even spark a passion for publishing your work.”

Kiera Busch ’23, a fellow writer herself, also expressed her excitement for the new Creative Writing column: “I think that accepting creative writing submissions is a fantastic idea! It is really important to me, as an author, to be able to showcase my work.”

If you’re interested, you can send your creative writing piece to either Creative Writing Editor, Mary Nassar ’22 or Isabelle Brookshire ’22, at their emails: [email protected] or [email protected]. From there, as long as your piece is appropriate and approved by our moderator Ms. Barclay, you will see your submission featured on the Royal Reporter!