Royal Romances


Photo Provided By: Kate Rosales '23

Kate and Luke are all smiles in this sweet picture.

Daniela Arias, Staff Writer

With summer break just right around the corner, summer fun is officially beginning!

Along with the beginning of a long and much-needed summer break, summer love is in the air too!

A few of Rosary’s own Royals gave us a glimpse into their royal romances.

Kate Rosales ’23 described her boyfriend of seven months,  Luke Duchsherer ’23, as shy, sweet, and artsy. She further shared “their song”: “Our song would probably be “Big Jet Plane” by Angus and Julia Stone. It’s significant because it’s featured on a playlist which reminds us of one another.”

Kate went on to give a glimpse to a potential summer date for her and Luke: “We want to go to the beach, paint on rocks, listen to music, and sit outside with each other.”

Caroleena and Elias snap an oh-so-adorable picture at her 16th birthday dinner. (Photo Credit: Caroleena Espinoza ’23 )

Alongside Kate and Luke, Servite student Elias Guirado ’23 went on to discuss his relationship with his girlfriend of 5 months, Caroleena Espinoza ’23: ” I would describe Caroleena as funny, absolutely wonderful, and strong-willed.”

He went on to further discuss the significance the movie Angry Birds 2 has within their lovely romance: “The first time we hung out with one another with our relationship being romantic rather than platonic, we watched it and every time I think of the movie it reminds me of her presencewhich I love.”

Elias further revealed a potential summer date for the two of them to enjoy: “I’m thinking a nice trip to Santa Barbara. While there we would have a nice picnic on a flower field and have a romantic dinner near the beach in the evening.”

Sienna-Rose Regalado ’23 also shared details on her sweet romance with her long-time friend and boyfriend of 2 months, Sergio Garcia ’23: “Three words that I would use to describe him are thoughtful, loving, and respectful.”

She went on to reveal how although they currently do not have any specific song they have established as “their song,” they both thoroughly enjoy listening to any type of music when in each other’s presence.

Sienna and Sergio posing for an adorable picture with matching clay face masks. (Photo Provided By: Sienna-Rose Regalado ’23)

Sienna further gave us a glimpse of what they plan to do together over summer: “This summer we plan to spend most of our time at the beach and watch a bunch of movies together!”

If Kate’s, Elias’s, and Sienna’s relationships did not already convince you Royals’ that love is in the air, I don’t know what possibly will!