Who’s Your American Girl Doll Match?

Adriana Arroyo, Staff Writer

For this year’s final article, I’ve decided to go out on a lighter note and match each journalism student along with Ms. Barclay ’94 with their respective American Girl Doll look-alikes. Some of these matches are so precise they’re uncanny, and I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had writing it.

The resemblance between Abby and Julie is uncanny. Photo from curtdanhauser.com.
  1. Abigail Tice ’22 looks most like Julie Albright

As a former American Girl Doll fanatic, Julie Albright was one of my favorite American Girl Dolls ever made. Julie and Abby share the same long blonde hair and rock the single braid look. Also, Abby and Julie both have really similar eyes. I’d have to say this is the closest I’ve ever seen someone look to an American Girl Doll.

Anna DiCrisi looks most like Lindsey Bergman. Photo from pinterest.com.

2. Anna DiCrisi ’22 looks most like Lindsey Bergman

Although Lindsey Bergman isn’t pulling off bangs like Anna DiCrisi is, Anna and Lindsey share the same blue eyes, hair color, and freckles. They both also have a similar smile, which is seen more on the cover of the Lindsey book by American Girl Doll.

    3.  Anna Jordan ’23 looks most like Caroline Abbott

Anna Jordan ’23 and Caroline look most alike in their very similar eyes and hair. The two also share the same rosy cheeks.

    4. Emma Silva ’23 looks most like Molly Mcintire

Although Molly wears glasses and has blue eyes, she and Emma Silva ’23 both wear the braid look well and share a similar face shape and skin tone.

    5. Julissa Gonzalez ’22 looks most like Ruthie Smithens

Even though Julissa Gonzales ’22 and Ruthe don’t share the same blue eyes, they have very similar skin tones and facial structures. Also, Julissa and Ruthie share the same hair.

   6. Daniella Arias ’23 looks most like Jes McConnell

Daniella looks most like Jess McConnell, and they share the same brown eyes, hair, and perfect skin. They both also have adorable rosy cheeks.

   7. Ms. Barclay looks most like Samantha Parkington

Ms. Barclay ’94 and Samantha resemble each other most in their similar eyes, hair, and facial structure.

Fun Fact: Ms. Young ’05 and the American Girl Doll Kirsten share a birthday. Also, Mrs. Young still has a very not embarrassing amount of her doll’s furniture and clothing still with her today —including human-sized versions of the outfits.

I loved matching the journalism class with their respective American Girl Doll look-alikes. I’ve had an amazing time being a Staff Writer for the Royal Reporter and hope to be back contributing soon. Have a great summer, Royals!