A Super-lative Send-off for Journalism Seniors


Serena worked as the copy editor for the Royal Reporter and was a valued staff member. We wish her well at Chapman University next semester! Photo provided by Serena Park

One of the most beloved traditions of waving seniors good-bye are the superlatives. Through the superlatives, friends tease each other, brag about each other, and reminisce on inside jokes collected over four years. I decided to combine a long-running tradition with the undeniable wisdom of beloved English teacher Ms. Barclay to send off the familiar faces of graduating seniors associated with the very serious UC-approved course of Journalism.

Alicia Ventura
While contemplating her response, Ms. Barclay stared beyond me before looking content with her conclusion of “Most likely to bless a small child on the side of the road.” However, after another beat of silence, she gave another and arguably similar reply and added, “Most likely to change the world for the better.” Then she added, “Most likely to remember that journalism is a UC-Approved course forever and that Ms. Barclay went to teacher college.” Then she added another: “Most likely to Zoom from her undisclosed underground bunker during college at some point.”

Serena Park
Ms. Barclay had to think long and hard about what to say for ASB President Serena Park. There were simply too many places her mind could go. Ultimately, she mused, “Most likely to be the creator of the next installment of ‘Criminal Minds,’ but not a sequel, more of a subdivision. Like ‘Criminal Minds: Fullerton,’ or something crazy like that.”

Hailey Yu
Barely missing a beat, Ms. Barclay looked contently at her half-eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich and said, “Most likely to set the newest fashion trend or be a trend-setting YouTuber that knows how to get the latest and coolest items.” Though she seemed pleased with this answer, Ms. Barclay paused for a moment and laughed to herself before adding, “Most likely to one day get that letter of recommendation from a certain teacher one day.”  Vague, yes, but wise nevertheless.

Veralie Naranjo
Chuckling to herself, Ms. Barclay smiled at Veralie before settling upon, “Most likely to invent a snack creation with both Kit Kats and pretzels combined.” She laughed and waved her hands before correcting, “Wait, wait, most likely to be telling her grandchildren about Rosary water polo winning CIF.” Veralie and her sports articles will certainly be missed on the Royal Reporter!

Isabel Alderete
Shaking her head, Ms. Barclay’s reaction was instantaneous as she drawled, “Most likely to have her own column talking about pretentious and healthy snacks that nobody wants to eat” (there may have been a hint of bitterness since Isabel often schooled Ms. Barclay with her impressive knowledge of nutrition and what not to eat, but there was still love all the same). After a moment, she backtracked with the new title, “Most likely to invent a new fancy Pocky flavor. Something with Almond Butter.”

Kristina “Tina” Enright
Not a moment’s hesitation flew by when Barclay came up with, “Most likely to be a famous writer and/or mostly likely to be convicted of stalking Taylor Swift.” Either can be vindicated with a quick search through Tina’s wonderful articles on the Royal Reporter.

Caroline Linton
Though she is not a part of the staff, Caroline is a familiar face of Journalism period 7 and deserved a superlative of her own. Ms. Barclay named Caroline to be “Most likely to win an Oscar for best producer,” though quickly replacing her title with “Most likely to get a make-up date with Noah Schnapp.” Where were you when you heard about his response to her Tik Tok comment?).

Isabel and Caroline together before the showing of both Red and Gold performances.
Photo provided by Isabel Alderete

The Royal Reporter will miss its seniors dearly and wishes them all well as they depart from the Rosary campus to pursue the next steps in their lives.