First Dance of 2021: MORP!

Marlie Machado '23, James Prado '23, and I posing for a picture at MORP.

Photo Credit: Marlie Machado '23

Marlie Machado ’23, James Prado ’23, and I posing for a picture at MORP.

Daniela Arias, Staff Writer

This past Saturday evening, both Freshman and Sophomores from Servite and Rosary came together to dance the night away at the first collaborative dance of 2021—MORP!

If you are not aware of what exactly MORP is, it’s PROM spelled backward! It gives the lower grade levels that cannot quite yet attend prom an opportunity to have a great time at a casual dance.

Mary Larson ’23 shared what her favorite part of the dance: “I thoroughly enjoyed talking to new people and dancing with my friends.”

A Group of Servite and Rosary students strike a quick pose at MORP. (Photo Credit: Gia Espejo ’23 )

She continued, “I had tons of fun, and I felt it was well organized by the staff. I would love to have more.” Mary further shared that she was really fond of the dance and loved the ambiance, dancing, the people, and the photo booth!

Kate Rosales ’23, Marlie Machado ’23, Luke Duchsherer ’23, and Daniela Arias smile from the photo booth at MORP! (Photo Credit: Daniela Arias ’23)

Alongside Mary, Servite student James Prado ’23 revealed his favorite part of MORP saying, “Being able to see people that I haven’t seen in a long time, hang out, dance with them, and socialize were the highlights of the dance.”

He further stated how he felt about MORP being one of the first collaborative dances of the year: “As one of the first Rosary and Servite events of 2021, I felt that it was fun for Servite and Rosary students to come together and hang out.”

James went on to say how he felt towards the dance overall, “I had a pretty enjoyable time at the dance as many other people did as well.”

Considering what Mary and James had to say about MORP, the dance was certainly a hit among students and was a great kickoff to the future collaborative dances of 2021!