A Conversation Between a New ASB President and Her Precedent


Class of ’21 and ’22s ASB executive president. Photo Credit: Serena Park

Emma Silva, Staff Writer

As most of you are aware, Elena Walz ’22 has recently been elected to be the ASB executive president for the 2021-2022 school year.


And as excited as we all are to see Elena step up as one of the most prominent student leaders on campus, the farewell to current ASB executive president, Serena Park ’21 is bittersweet.


I decided to moderate an interview between Serena and Elena, where they shared their aspirations, advice, and sick burns.

A screenshot from the FaceTime call that brought about this conversation. Photo Credit: Emma Silva
  1. Serena, if you learned one thing as president, what was it?


I learned that I have the ability to make a positive impact on campus, which is really rewarding.


  1. Elena, what do you want to improve on next year?


I want to make next year the best it can be. I really want to focus on school spirit, especially Red and Gold, and continue the legacy of our awesome traditions.


  1. Serena, do you have any white team advice for Elena?


Stay on top of things. It gets really hectic with everything. Senior year can get crazy, with all the applications and obligations, but the better you manage the time, the more fun you have.


  1. Elena, what improvements do you want to make for Red and Gold?


I want to make sure that I grab the envelope with the winner on the first try.


  1. Serena, what was your favorite part of being president?


I loved being able to make an impact on this community that I love so much. I just love Rosary, and to be able to lead its students was such an amazing experience.


  1. Elena, what are you most looking forward to about being president next year?


Honestly, being on white team. I remember my first experience with Red and Gold was freshman year, and I remember seeing white team and thinking “Oh my gosh, they’re so cool, and they have such an important job.” I’m just really looking forward to being that person that the girls who have never experienced Red and Gold can look to for leadership.


  1. Any last parting advice or comments from you both?


Serena: Enjoy every moment of your senior year, because it goes by fast.

Elena: I am just really happy I got to be president after you. You did such a good job, and we’ve been friends the entire time I’ve been at Rosary, and there is no one else I’d want to give me advice. Also, I am significantly cooler than you.


The Rosary community is so lucky to have such great leaders. I am so grateful for everything Serena has done for this campus this past year (and I will miss her very much), and I can’t wait to see what Elena has in store for this coming year.