What Is the Royal Golf Classic?

Rosary Royal Golf Classic Graphic.

Photo Credit:(www.rosaryacademy.org)

Rosary Royal Golf Classic Graphic.

Daniela Arias, Staff Writer

With the upcoming annual Royal Golf Classic coming up, us Royals’ receive a joyous day off of school, but what really is the Royal Golf Classic?

As explained by Rosary’s athletic director Mr. Tice, the Rosary Royal Golf Classic is, “A fundraiser in order to raise funds for the Rosary athletic department.”

Now that it is known that the Royal Golf Classic is an athletic department fundraiser, there stands another question: Is the annual golf match competitive?

Pictures from the 2017 Royal Golf Classic. (Photo Credit: Mr. Ralph Stanfield (www.rosaryacademy.org)

Mr. Tice explained that the golfing fundraiser is in fact NOT competitive but instead stated, “It’s more for fun than competition, but we do keep track of who scores the best.”

Who exactly participates within the annual Royal Golf Classic? Mr. Tice further elaborated on who partakes within the annual event, “It’s most often current and alumnae parents and relatives who play, but a broader range of people take part in the dinner and auction that usually follows.”

He also mentioned that in previous years, the Royal Golf Classic included both dinner and an auction, but due to circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no dinner this year.

Now that you are enlightened on what exactly the Royal Golf Classic is, let’s acknowledge the fact that it is pretty epic that despite the circumstances of the pandemic, Rosary can still put together annual events for not only the students but the alumnae and faculty as well!