A Rising Servite Musician


John Zelinka’s upcoming EP. Photo Credit: John Zelinka

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We know that Rosary is filled to the brim with some crazy talented girls, but how about our brother school, Servite?


John Zelinka ’24 has recently used his talent to release some music.


(BTW does anyone else wish they were more musically inclined? Because whenever I sing, all the birds near me fly away in fear.)


I had the chance to ask John some questions about his passion for music.


Q: When did you start writing music?


A: I started writing music about 4 years ago and I slowly fell in love with it because it was something that I was very passionate about.


Q: Do you have any hobbies outside music?


A: I play soccer for Servite. I love fishing, hiking, I am newly an Eagle Scout (Boy Scouts), I love playing pretty much all sports (basketball, football, etc.), mountain biking, and I love hanging out with my friends.


Q: Was the process of getting your songs onto streaming services hard?


A: The process of recording and producing isn’t hard, but it is very time consuming and you have to be very dedicated. The writing and producing takes the longest. For “Varsity Girl,” the last single I released, I spent about 4 hours writing it and about 15-20 hours recording and perfecting it. I personally have a music teacher/friend that actually produces the music for me. Once you finalize the song and everything, you have to submit it into a software that sends the song out to many platforms and it takes about a week for a song to get out on all platforms. So as I said in the begging, the whole process is very time consuming.

John’s most recent single. Photo Credit: John Zelinka

Q: Do you play any instruments?


A: I primarily play the guitar and the piano, but I know a little bit of drums and a little ukulele.


Q: How do you balance school and music?


A:  Obviously school and school activities come first, but I have a set schedule for music and I continue to practice and write and get better even with school up and running. Sometimes I just play my guitar in between me doing homework and little things like that.


Q: When/Will you release more music?


A: I do plan to release more music and actually I believe May 12th, or some date around then, I will be dropping my first EP (Extended playlist). The EP is called, “The Words I Wish I Said EP,” and it has 5 songs on it including Varsity Girl and four new ones.


It’s very clear that John has a very bright and musical future ahead of him. Make sure to check out his songs on all streaming platforms.