Freshmen Perspective: Why You Should Come to Rosary


Come to Rosary…You won’t regret it. Photo Credit: Rosary Academy

Emma Silva, Staff Writer

Anyone who steps onto Rosary’s campus knows there is something completely unique about it.

Maybe it’s the several hundred messy buns present on campus, or the screaming chickens by the back classrooms.

But what really makes Rosary special is its students. Freshman Gwen Baxter said, “I never knew I could have so much fun at school. Rosary has created this environment were everyone feels seen. I honestly love it.”

Rosary was able to put on its most beloved tradition this year, Red and Gold. Lainey Goldstein ‘24 experienced her first Red and Gold this year and said, “Even though things were for sure different this year, I still had a blast. I met a ton of new people, and I completely came out of my shell. It was so fun to have 45 minutes a day just to dance.”

No matter what, Red and Gold is always a blast. Photo Credit: Rosary Academy

Rosary’s student body is truly unique. We have made this sisterly bond, where no feels left out. The athletics is no different.

Samara Camacho ‘24 said, “I joined swim and water polo this year, and it’s been a really cool experience. I have never really swam or played waterpolo, but I learned so much. The coaches are great, and the team bond is really strong.”

Rosary’s faculty and staff are probably the most helpful you will find in all of Orange County. They are always eager to answer any questions and give all the help you need. Academics are the core of building a Royal. Gwen said, “I feel like I can go to my teachers with any questions I have. It feels nice to know that the teachers really care and want us to succeed.”

Rosary Academy is truly a special place. It builds off of the individuality of every student, helping them embrace who they are. We build a community where everyone is appreciated, and academics and spirituality are prioritized.

So come to Rosary, I promise, you won’t regret it.