An Easter Reflection


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This Easter Sunday, we celebrate Christ’s sacrifice for us on the cross.

Adriana Arroyo , Staff Writer

There’s plenty to love about eggs, bunnies, and chocolates, but Easter Sunday holds a much deeper meaning. On Easter, we remember the love Christ showed mankind when he gave the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf. The real reason for the Easter season is Christ’s resurrection, and we truly have a lot to celebrate.

Easter holiday regularly changes dates in our modern calendar, reminding us that the essence of Easter is not exclusive to one day. In remembering this, we can find relief from the burdens of sin as well as greater joy in the blessings of everyday life. Christ’s resurrection gives us not only a reason to live today, but hope for the future no matter what we are facing.

To find the real meaning behind Easter day, we can honor Christ’s sacrifice each day of the year. To do this, we can show compassion and grace for others, commit to regular prayer, read relevant Bible passages, and attend church at least once a week.

Silent reflection and prayer are both great ways to connect with Christ on this Easter Sunday. Photo from

While prayer, fellowship, and service are very important, remembering the hope and renewal of Christ’s promise after spring is the real takeaway from Easter Sunday. As time goes by, we begin to give way to living a less conscious life. We might not continue to be our most faith-filled selves just as we were during Holy Week. To celebrate Easter year-round is to remember the virtue of every day that we are alive, even as the seasons change.

Some ideas to keep in mind from this Easter Sunday are: Easter is about connecting with Jesus, the mere essence of Easter is already perfect, and the true takeaway of Easter is remembering to celebrate Christ year-round. Although we celebrate Easter with friends and family, it’s important to remember to take some time to connect with Christ, whether it be through prayer, silent reflection, or talking to God. In terms of Easter already being perfect, no amount of decorations, games, or candy can compare with truly remembering why we celebrate Easter – Christ’s sacrifice for us on the cross. In remembering to celebrate Christ year-round, we become who God made us to be: his disciples living out the Gospel.

So, this Easter I challenge you to go beyond the eggs and sweets to have a more meaningful experience. Easter is the day we celebrate our faith in Christ, and we can find great hope and value in Christ’s remarkable works on Easter Sunday and throughout the whole year. Happy Easter everyone.