Royal Alumna: Colleen Ohlman


Colleen and her family are extremely appreciative of Rosary’s influence, both in her final year in 1994 and now. Photo credit: Colleen Ohlman ’94

Anna Jordan, Staff Writer

Former Royal Colleen Ohlman ’94 and mother of current Royal Ryan Ohlman ’21 has been pursuing her interests and making Rosary proud for years. She loves to see how Rosary has changed through the eyes of her daughter. She welcomes her new role in Rosary’s community and still lives with the lessons she learned from her time as a Royal to this day. Here’s some of what she’s been up to since her time as a student at Rosary:

Q: What do you remember fondly about being a student at Rosary?

A: Some of my fondest memories from my Rosary days were as a cheerleader. In the early 90’s, when I was a Rosary student, the Rosary and Servite cheer teams were separate. I was a Rosary cheerleader, so our team only cheered at the girls’ sports games, both home and away. It was so much fun to give well-deserved support to the girls’ teams. Fun Fact: Shawna Pautsch was our cheer moderator my sophomore year!

Colleen remembers her years as a Rosary cheerleader fondly. Photo credit: Collen Ohlman ’94

Q: In what ways do you think Rosary prepared you for following your passions?

A: Rosary gave me confidence and a voice, which enabled me to stand up for what I am passionate about and not back down from a challenge.

Q: Do you have any advice for Royals that are currently unsure of what to pursue?

A: My advice is to allow your life path to unfold naturally. Don’t feel as though you need to have your life all mapped out by the time you graduate high school. Live life according to your moral compass, follow your dreams and let the pieces fall into place. There is no rush.

Rosary left Colleen with life-long friends to reminisce upon her Rosary days with.
Photo credit: Colleen Ohlman

Q: What lesson are you glad that Rosary taught you?

A: I’m glad that Rosary taught me to challenge myself to be better. Was I the perfect student back then? No. Did I make mistakes? Of course! But you live and learn and grow as you go!

Q: What are you up to nowadays, and has Rosary been a part of it?

A: Today, I have three teens, I have been married for 21 years, and I am a mental health therapist specializing in teen counseling. I strive to remove the stigmas of mental health disorders and normalize people seeking help. Ladies, take care of your mental health and love who you are because everyone else is taken!

With a family and several pets, Colleen has a busy family lifestyle.
Photo credit: Colleen Ohlman

With her excellent advice and impressive achievements as a former Royal, therapist, and mother, it’s wonderful to see the positive impact that Rosary has had on so many lives throughout the years. Whether you’re a future, current, or formal Royal– or maybe not a Royal at all– take her advice as life seems to only speed up. Let the pieces fall into place, and maybe you’ll end up finding your passions just as Colleen did!