A Royals’ Guide to Spring Cleaning


Photo Credits: Wikipedia Commons

Marie Kondo speaking at a summit regarding her organization methods.

Daniela Arias, Staff Writer

With Spring just around the corner, the wonderful period of cleaning and reorganizing is quickly approaching. 

Spring cleaning might sound like a drag to some, but in reality, it’s a way to bring change and organization to the place you usually spend the most time in—your house.

In order to get a deep and thorough clean, removing virtually everything from your room is necessary. Bigger items such as dressers, beds, and desks do not need to be moved, but smaller items such as decorations, picture frames, and other compact items should be.

Although a bed does not need to be moved, the bedding and sheets on it should be taken off and washed for extra freshness. Along with washing the bedding, it is essential to dust, vacuum, and wipe down any surfaces with the appropriate cleaner.

My mother, Karla Moreno, shared what her go-to cleaners are, “In order to dust shutters and other wood furniture I use pledge and a rag, for glass surfaces I use Windex and paper towels, and personally, I have wood floors, so I use pine sol or Mr. Clean multi-surface cleaner with a mop to ensure shine.”

Once everything is cleaned and you are able to put all your furniture back consider rearranging it in order to bring change and rejuvenation into your room. While rearranging your furniture and other small decorations, if your space still manages to feel cluttered, get some form of an organizer such as small clothing bins or shelves to keep everything situated.

Lastly, in order to finally clean and redevelop your room, rearranging your closet is necessary. Consider donating some of the clothes you no longer wear to reduce clutter and also help put your clothes into some type of order.

Decorative shelving my mother installed for me to keep my books, perfumes, jewelry, and other small decorations organized. (Photo Provided By Daniela Arias ’23 )  

In order to make her closet more orderly, my mom has turned to Marie Kondo’s Netflix series,  “Personally, I think all of the episodes truly do help with maintaining cleanliness within a closet. It shows many different ways of how to organize clothes and other wardrobe.”

Although spring cleaning may come off as a nuisance, consider it an opportunity to bring new life and order into the place you spend the most time in.