Which of Mr. Bevins’ Cardboard Cutouts Are You?


Mr. Bevins took the quiz himself and received a mix of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Photo by Anna Jordan

Anna Jordan, Staff Writer

Let me set a scene many Rosary students have experienced at one point or another:

You lost feeling in your lower body hours ago, but you know you’re in pain. You’re focused on a projection on Mr. Bevins’ board, reading a lecture on the several functions of a semicolon as compared to an em-dash. You look to find entertainment through any means necessary, and your weary eyes settle upon the five cardboard cutouts behind his desk, and their frozen eyes stare back at you. From left to right, your eyes scan Harry Potter, Dobby, Hermione, Katniss, Legolas, and Gandalf.

Emma Silva ’23 is a current student of Mr. Bevins and received Harry Potter as her result.
Photo by Emma Silva

Now that you understand the meaning behind these five paper people, let’s take an in-depth look at which cutout embodies you as a person– nothing has ever been more important.

  1. Your parents are forcing you to a sport this year and you have never tried any. Which one do you ultimately decide on based off of your skills?

A) Cross-Country

B) Basketball

C) Volleyball

D) Football or Softball

E) Triathlon

  1. Your teacher just assigned a massive final project due the following week. When do you start it?

A) I schedule a time in my week to do it, but not right away.

B) I get on it but do it throughout my week in increments.

C) I ask the teacher extensive questions before starting to make sure I’m doing it right.

D) I put it off till the last second but pull off an all-nighter.

E) I get on it as soon as it’s assigned because I have too much other work to do and I want to get it out of the way.

  1. A buffet of potato chip flavors is spread in front of you: which flavor are you picking?

A) Classic/Salted

B) Sour Cream and Onion

C) Barbecue

D) Salt and Vinegar

E) Sour Cream and Cheddar

  1. Would you consider yourself to be an adventurous person?

A) Only when others aren’t, because I like to make them feel less scared of trying new things

B) Only when forced to, but I adapt quickly.

C) Absolutely, I like to try new things.

D) I tend to find myself in new situations constantly, so I’ve learned to embrace adventure.

E) I like to take in as much experience as I can, but it can overwhelm me quickly.

  1. What do you listen to on your way to work/school?

A) The same playlist I use for everything– I know what I like.

B) I don’t really listen to much, but if I need to I’ll just turn on the radio.

C) I like other people’s playlists because it gives me more music to find.

D) I always use that time to prepare for the day, so some upbeat music helps me get ready

E) I always listen to a new podcast a week, though the topic varies

                6. Your plans for the weekend fall out and you have some free time. What’s your first instinct?

A) Check with my friends if they would like to hang out, though if no one is available, you’re completely content being at home.

B) I probably didn’t have plans in the first place, other than to be at home and relax.

C) I’ll see if anyone wants to spend time with me, though if not, I’ll find something fun to do out of the house.

D) I’m insanely busy most of the time, weekend included.

E) I like to make time for my loved ones because I tend to be busy throughout the week.

  1. If you could get a ticket to anything, what would it be for?

A) A nice movie would do.

B) A raffle ticket, because I only have something to gain.

C) A one-way ticket to anywhere.

D) A concert ticket sounds cool.

E) A day-ticket to an amusement park could be great.

  1. Where would you study/work abroad or out-of-state?

A) The United Kingdom

B) The Pacific Northwest

C) New Zealand

D) The East Coast

E) France

  1. You have to select one condiment to supply all your eating needs. Which one do you choose?

A) Ranch

B) Chick-Fil-A Sauce

C) Mustard

D) Ketchup

E) Mayonnaise

  1. You spontaneously attain a massive amount of wealth. What do you buy with it?

A) I buy some sustainable clothes for myself and make small improvements to my daily life.

B) I use it to support my family first, and then I set aside what’s left for my own personal interests.

C) I find and purchase different experiences that I know I would enjoy, and I’ll let a friend or two join me every time.

D) I invest it and let it sit for a while, as I am content with my current situation.

E) I make long-term self improvements like buying a house or paying off debt and then use what’s left to invest in furthering my hobbies

Mostly A’s: Gandalf! You are excellent at seeing the long run and looking for emotions in other people. You get compliments on how well you read people, and you always seem to appear when people need you most. Make sure to make time for yourself, though! You have things to do, too.

Mostly B’s: Katniss! You are a little closed off sometimes, especially with new people; however, you open up steadily and are a fierce friend that anyone would be lucky to have. Stay true to yourself, but make sure to leave your comfort zone every once in a while: it’s good for you!

Mostly C’s: Legolas! People are always surprised at your go-with-the-flow attitude because you come across as stoic and a little aloof. Once they get to know you, they see how well-rounded and interesting you are, with a heart of  gold and a good sense of humor. Just try to be more friendly when you first meet people, it will make a massive difference in how long it takes for someone to approach you!

Mostly D’s: Harry Potter! You are the kind of person that everyone feels comfortable hanging out with, and you never fail to make people smile (whether you’re aware of it or not). Crazy things seem to happen to you all the time, though it’s made you able to roll with the punches and maybe a little oblivious sometimes. Everyone smiles when you walk into the room!

Mostly E’s: Hermione! You are a loyal and empathetic friend that saves some time for yourself every once in a while. Everyone respects your emotional intelligence though you’re mainly known for your smarts; however, people can forget how genuinely fun you are to be around, so make an effort to speak up in conversations!

5-Way Tie: Dobby! If you have a pair of each letter, you are selfless and caring towards everyone, not just your loved ones. You consistently come across as gentle and meek, even though there is a strong side to you that you only save for certain situations. Let that side of you out more often, you can be strong while also being kind!

If you have ties throughout, you are a mix of these cardboard cutouts!

I hope this was enlightening for you– I know that if you’ve taken this class, you’ve become personally acquainted with all six cutouts. Make sure to stop by Mr. Bevins’ room to tell him your results or make conversation, I’m sure he’d love some visits from students!