Can You Find This?


Photo By Adriana Arroyo.

Soft Pretzel Appreciation Club. Need anyone say more?

Adriana Arroyo, Staff Writer

Hello everyone! I understand this article seems somewhat out of the ordinary, and you might even be thinking, ‘Adriana, where’s the hard-hitting news?’ I know, I know, Ms. Barclay’s favorite Shark Tank buys is going to be an incredibly hard piece of news to beat, and in no way am I trying to do that. This article is more of a fun little challenge, and who knows, it might also be a chance to get one of those fabulous Shark Tank items for yourself. And so, I’ve gathered a series of miscellaneous pictures from Rosary’s campus and placed them down below. If you think you know the location of any of these photos, send over your guess to my email: [email protected]. If you get the right answer, you can head over to room 208 for a prize. Let the games begin!

1) This one’s actually pretty easy. Photo By Adriana Arroyo.
2) C-3PO’s face clearly says, “I would rather not find the amplitude and period of y = 2 sin (-pi/2 x) and graph the equation.” Same C-3PO‚Ķsame. Photo By Adriana Arroyo.
3) Soft Pretzel Appreciation Club. Need anyone say more? Photo By Adriana Arroyo.
4) Julia W-. Photo By Adriana Arroyo.
5) Fun fact: blue and yellow are the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Photo By Adriana Arroyo.

First person to correctly identify all of these photos can go to room 208 for a prize from Ms. Barclay.