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The delicious-looking Bantam Bagels.

Adriana Arroyo, Staff Writer

We’ve all seen an episode or two of Shark Tank, but do you ever wonder, who is doing the heavy lifting for society and trying these products out to see if they’re any good? Well, everyone, wonder no more, because Ms. Barclay’ 94 is an expert in all things Shark Tank and has a list of her favorite items she’s purchased from the show. So, without further adieu, here are Ms. Barclay’s top five Shark Tank buys.

1. Bantam Bagels 

Bantam Bagels are mini-sized bagels filled with cream cheese, but can also come with a different filling depending on the flavor you choose.  Ms. Barclay shared her experience with Bantam Bagels and said, “I really like them but I don’t love that they’re best after being warm in the oven. Who wants to make things in the oven? Nevertheless, they are really good, and I like good, plain snacks.” If you want to try Bantam Bagels out for yourself, they are now being sold at Starbucks. Make sure to let Ms. Barclay know what you think!

Personally, I like my donuts fully assembled. But I would definitely give this a try. Photo From

2. The Dough Bar – Healthy Donuts

The Dough Bar is an alternative to your everyday donut because it is packed with macronutrients. Each DOUGHnut comes plain and separated from the toppings and glaze, and you personally decide what to put on it. The DOUGHnuts are also baked, not fried. Ms. Barclay shared her feelings about The Dough Bar and said, “They weren’t donutty enough for me, and the glaze came separately in a pack which I didn’t like because it felt like I was doing all the work. I would never order these again, but they’re still number two on my list because I was very excited thinking donuts would come in the mail and be healthy.” I guess healthy donuts are too good to be true.

I agree with Ms. Barclay, things in jars are the best, especially cupcakes. Photo From

3. Wicked Good Cupcakes

Wicked Good Cupcakes are cupcakes in a jar and come in custom packs of two, four, six, and twelve. There are also party packs and birthday boxes if you ever want to have a different take on cake for your celebration. “Let’s be real, I just really like things I jars so I ordered them. I wouldn’t order them again, but I liked that you could order a cupcake in a jar,” Ms. Barclay shared. Ms. Barclay ordered the cookies and cream and red velvet flavors for her jar cupcakes.

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4. Mushroom Jerky

Mushroom jerky is a veggie take on beef and turkey jerky and was actually tested by the journalism class. The sharks on Shark Tank said they couldn’t tell it wasn’t real beef Jerky, but journalism had different feelings, “Many students were revolted and reacted dramatically like they were dying at the end of a Shakespeare play. Emma Silva’ 23 was the most dramatic and Alicia Ventura’ 21 said it was something she never wanted again but wasn’t the worst thing she’d ever had,” Ms. Barclay explained.


5. Slice of Sauce 

Slice of Sauce is another alternative, but this time for condiments like Ketchup and Sriracha. Each condiment comes in a no-mess slice and is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and does not require refrigeration. Ms. Barclay hasn’t even received her Slice of Sauce but is already placing it in her top five, “I’m ranking it at number five because it’s become a class joke and everyone will be sorry when it comes because they mocked me but secretly harbor jealous feelings. Like, what if you’re having a burger and you forget to ask for ketchup? BAM! You bust out your Slice of Sauce,” Ms. Barclay explained.

Some adorable Squid Socks. Photo From

Ms. Barclay’s all-time favorite product that transcends this list are Squid Socks. Squid Socks are baby socks that do not come off, “Baby Clay pulls off every sock I put on him but these have a plastic grip near the ankle so he can’t get them off. They have cute squids on them too,” she shared.

Of everything on this list, I would definitely want to try the Bantam Bagels because I’m a huge bagel fanatic, and I would advise you to skip out on the Mushroom Jerky. Make sure to let Ms. Barclay know if you’ve tried any of these products or have new ones that she should try.