Tis’ Our Favorite Season


Photo provided By Rosary Instagram.

The Red Team Ladybugs getting to work on decorating their bathroom on Kickoff morning.

Adriana Arroyo, Staff Writer

Maybe for most people the end of January is any ordinary time, but for Rosary Royals, these final days of the month commence the happiest season of all: Red and Gold. For the next six weeks, the Royals will utilize every one of their talents to create a fully student-run production filled with dancing, singing, acting, and complete artistic creativity. The two teams, Red Team and Gold Team, will come together in this friendly competition to strengthen their bond through friendship and an amazing amount of school spirit.

Last week, the student body participated in the Red and Gold Kickoff and got to watch ASB and the Red and Gold captains reveal this year’s theme: The Grand Illusion. In the Red Team video, our red captains announced that they are the Ladybugs, and in the Gold Team video, our gold captains announced that they are the Bumblebees. Each student was also assigned to their team and category at Kickoff.

Gold Captain Marysol Cazarez’ 21 (left), and Gold Co-producer Anna DiCrisi’ 22 (right), dressed in full Red and Gold finale attire for Kickoff. Photo provided By Rosary Instagram.

Gold Team’s producer, Marysol Cazarez’ 21, shared how much she enjoyed Kickoff this year and said, “It was great to see how we were able to keep the tradition alive even in these Covid times. My favorite part was being able to record the video and bond with all the captains as we share lives.” Although Red and Gold may look different because of social distancing guidelines and safety measures, Marysol shared some advice for Royals who are unsure about Red and Gold this year: “We all have to get excited because despite us being socially distant, this year’s show will be super exciting. I am honestly so thrilled to see how both of these shows turn out,” she explained.

Gold Team’s Co-Producer, Anna DiCrisi’ 22, also shared her thoughts on Kickoff and Red and Gold this year: “I think right now, there is nothing more we need than a tradition that binds us together as a community. After last year, the fact that we are hosting another Kickoff with the same energy is just proof of how strong our Royals are,” she said.

Gold Team dance captain, Paige Sokol’ 21, gives the camera a smile and a thumbs-up while decorating the gold bathroom. Photo provided By Rosary Instagram.

One of our Gold Team dance captains, Paige Sokol’ 22, said her favorite part of Kickoff was sharing Gold Team’s hard work to the student body: “We’ve been working so hard for the past few weeks, and I had so much fun sharing my dance. I can’t wait to teach the girls everything I’ve come up with so far,” she said. Paige also mentioned how she is looking forward to the Red and Gold performance and reassured Royals who are uncertain of this year’s production, “I would tell Royals who are unsure of Red and Gold this year to keep an open mind and positive attitude. No matter how the show turns out in the end, it’s all part of the experience and we are creating history with it,” she shared.

Anna Jordan’ 23, one of Red Team’s script captains, also shared what her favorite part of Kickoff was and said, “I loved finally getting to share what all of the captains and producers on both teams were working so hard on during the break. There is so much for both teams to be proud of, and sharing it was so magical!” For anybody in doubt about Red and Gold, Anna shared some understanding and good advice, “This is new to every person involved, students and adults alike. Despite these trying times, try to keep an open mind and go with the flow! Red and Gold is meant to be fun, enjoy it while it’s happening.”

Lastly, one of Red Team’s drill captains, Katryn Goggins’ 22, said her favorite part of Kickoff was decorating the school: “I loved decorating because of all the chaos and excitement going on. It’s the first time in Red and Gold history that both teams were not only running to get a space for posters but working together to make the school as spirited as possible for everyone on campus,” she said. For anyone who is new to the Red and Gold experience and is unsure of what is to come, Kate shared her thoughts from her own experiences and said, “During the six weeks it continuously gets more exciting and the memories we make during the season last a lifetime. Enjoy Red and Gold while it lasts, it goes by quick!”

Our Red and Gold captains are very excited for this year’s season. If you see any captains in the hallway at school, make sure to give them a big ‘thank you’ for all the hard work they’ve done over these past few weeks. Kickoff was a great time, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come over this next Red and Gold season.